In the city of GTA Online Saints you can make an infinity of activities, but every week there are some that stand out above the others, either because of their discounts, gifts, bonuses, etc. For this reason in the following guide we are going to tell you what are the most important during the week of January 27 to February 2 .

All Bonus and discounts from January 27 to February 2

Podium vehicle

The casino The Diamond Casino & Resort is one of those places you must frequent very often, especially if you are from those who believe that luck smiles. In that case, take advantage and participate in the Roulette of La Fortuna to earn money, clothes, accessories or the vehicle of the podium this week, the Progen T20 , a hybrid hypercene that is capable of moving at full speed.

items to get free

Getting things without paying anything in return is something that makes anyone glad, so a lot of eye, because during these days you can get a free sweatshirt, a cap and a car **. In the following guides you have all the details about it.

  • How to get free car Karin Prevention
  • How to get free the white Nagasaki sweatshirt
  • How to get free Low Santos adjustable cap

Rewards and additional bonuses

When we say that there are certain activities that protrude above the others is above all by this section, since there are some game modes that will give you more money and reputation points of the normal . Specifically the following:

  • Each Bala account : The tension in this game mode is so great that you will only have a single bullet to end your rival or otherwise you will touch it based on blows. At least all this is compensated when you receive triple rewards for playing.
  • Two-wheeled races : Cars are to give and take, but if you are from those who go more the bikes, then in this game mode you will get triple dollars and points of reputation for the simple fact of participating.
  • The Contract : A huge incentive to reach at the end of this expansion is that thanks to this you will receive twice a dollars and points of reputation.
  • Club works, missions of sale of grass and falsification of documents : Take advantage that the black market is in full boom, because the presidents of biker clubs can earn double dollars and points of reputation with any of these tasks.


Sale here and discount over there in a few vehicles that have temporarily reduced its price , including a few bikes, as well as locals related to this type of vehicle. Here you have the complete list of discounts that have occurred:

Local and improvements

  • Improvement in grass cultivation businesses – 50% discount
  • Improvement in counterfeiting business – 50% discount
  • Grass farming businesses – 50% discount
  • Counterfeiting business – 50% discount
  • Motorcycle club venues – 40% discount
  • Tuned Turbo on all motorcycles – 50% discount


  • Albany Buccaneer custom – $ 156,000 (before $ 390,000, discount of 60%)
  • Declasse Voodoo personalized – 168,000 dollars (before 420,000 dollars, discount of 60%)
  • Enus Jubilee – $ 1,155,000 (before 1,650,000 dollars, discount of 30%)
  • Hakuchou Drag – 49,200 dollars (before $ 82,000, discount of 40%)
  • Nagasaki Stryder – $ 335,000 (before $ 670,000, 50% discount)
  • Pegassi Vortex – $ 178,000 (before $ 356,000, 50% discount)


Being subscribed to Prime Gaming, Amazon’s service, it also has its benefits. You will only need to link your account with the Social Club of Rockstar Games and then play at any time GTA Online, since in return you will take $ 100,000 for free.

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