Black and white world, glimpses of lights, one controlled character, simple touch controls and a stylish music and sound world. Among these is White Shadows made. According to a recent publication on the game from the house next book is not at all bad. Works as a model, at least Little Nightmares, even if it just does not reach the level.

Like a young mother hen chicks! These lovely little ones squeal surrounded

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Isonokkaisena sprout up like a bird out

White Shadows starts in a special way, for the adventure of the main characters will pop on the screen as the winged life of the cavity hermit lived. Environmental reminds factories, which have turned off the lights. However, the hero shine partly dark, light, bringing the muzzle of Santa Claus Peter story. Any kinds of settings are not present, except for one very essential thing: brightness control. Esc button, tap gets fine-tuned some of the features, but honestly default settings, there is no need to tamper with. Suffice it takes a few a few number of function buttons, which are easy to learn the same way.

Despite the Lintumaisesta essence of propagation is by running, walking, climbing and jumping. In addition to these sympathetic creature is able to push, lift or pull certain objects found in the environment. Sometimes is also needed to enable the progress of reasoning, because environmental conditions may be more extensive than what is automatically displays the next camera. Along the front hit a couple of very strenuous puzzles, with whom we spent a while more. The success of the pleasure of course, all the more when the last hoksasi the right solution.

in front of the first half of the game become very strenuous puzzle, which passed on a while or two.

Valokylpy a day keeps the darkness at bay

I ended up with the above, the title of the game I saw it on the basis that light is the best help to bring the adventure ahead. The new game studio is a skill fingertips as externally views are strikingly stunning lighting effects and even brag about the so-called boring at points where only straying forward. Whether successful in the ranks to put a couple of small säikytystäkin who broke the silence in the right way. The soundscape therefore not moderate praised, although once jouduinkin calculate the noises due to the smaller of the most powerful effects.

Music Party with respect to notches goes even better, because in some points, I do not mind putting up at all to listen to great tunes still a couple of occasions classical music, which, furthermore, agreed action scenes and events in the rhythm of the extraordinarily high quality. Or how about a train ride Rimsky Korsakov’s Flight of the The Bumblebeen pace? Or Johann Strauss’ famous song An der Schönen Blauen Donau sailed around the dangers? I can answer: Very good! Repetition is made pelaajaystävällisestä viewpoint, the death correcting the longest will have only about half a minute to pass. The most challenging operating points is added to the intermediate storage points even more frequently.

This train journey was done on several occasions, as The Flight of the Bumblebee rings

in the background and, if anything, was music to the ears. This was another reason: I could hardly

to come up with a solution how to mover.

puzzles, feelings and black humor

In just a few paragraphs undeniably irritated when I could hardly come up with any solution. In many cases, however, it is too obvious to detail, which is not only notice, or then the solution is much further away. I would have liked a little more effort in the prevalence of puzzle side, because sometimes offered only eye candy instead and watched Lintunen pacing. These points seemed very empty and, especially towards the end of the adventure a little unnecessary pinching. Each bit lazy pace, I managed to use the story of permeation of only about 4-5 hours almost all the places and routes tonkien and study. Long and Lorea-studded book is not the case, but all the more sensitive.

Humor, I would say that it would be interesting to know the people who are behind it. Think of something very cute and lovely, which Paastela sweet sounds. The next step happens something cruelty within the black humor of interest, so that you could survive, and the world might be saved. the end of the previous sentence was perhaps too puffs, but the outline of adventure made up of many tiny fragments – it is like a play, where there are several steps and twists. Something attracted. It makes you want to continue, wants to see the rest of the show. Only the final texts tell of penetration, even though I thought the story to end a couple of times in the past. Humor I do not want to say more precisely, each kokekoon it yourself.

Friendly character, who hugged her maternal harsh experienced lintupoloistani.

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do (Official Video)

plus side goes

When I saw the White Shadowsin Trailer, then I was excited about the same road. Of course, I thought I was looking at the Little NightMaresian, but from a different point of view. As a whole, I was waiting for more addictive things to hustle, even though I am mostly happy with it. Technically, the novelty is polished on the last and on the first screen, it is a great showcase for the monokel team’s skills.

Values ​​for a long time, do I give the game three or four stars, this time I ended up with a strong three-five grades. In the positive side, I appreciate the most technical flawlessness, gameplay, a few smart puzzle and atmosphere as well as a compact price compared to the work. The price White Shadowsia is not spoiled as it breaks by 20 euros. A nice little adventure has also been entertaining and sufficiently innovative as well as the glory of the game world. When the top right was a good mind, I dare to recommend a novelty for all ages – somewhat despite his coarse humor. But it’s most important: although, for example, something drifts into the shredder, so no scary will not be displayed – up to imagination can go for a shot.