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Last 20, Ubistration launched a new shooting game ‘Tom Clanish’s Rainbow Six Extraction (Extraction)’. Development news has been listed since 2019, but it has been through several processes, such as developing development and game names in the middle. Prior to confirming the extraction, quarrantin is also a well-known game with the name.

If you have done or enjoyed ‘Rainbow Ssz (hereinafter referred to as’ Rainbowschoxs (hereinafter) or enjoyed, it would be a half a half. The extraction is a work derived from the outbreak that was the event mode of the retention. Of course, I shared IPs such as restrictions, and all the characters, guns, and backgrounds that appear as players characters are the same. At that time, Ubi Soft was a movement that was expected to be released as a separate game if the event mode was popular.

Full-release extraction demonstrates the difference between REA and many parts that are done with PVP content. It is about the feeling of being able to see PVE content and the PVE content that can not be seen in the original virus. So, the rating of meta-creepts and open-categories is a very low score of Ubi Soft, which has received an average of 80 points as 70 points.

Why is the extraction of the extraction level to the level of score. Is it really a game that is really 70 points? Only about 600 hours of restrictions. As a result of the game as a restraint fan, the more we played a question about the evaluation.

Game name : Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction (Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extract)
Genre : FPS

Rainbow Six Extraction Review: R6 PVE At Its Best!

Release date : 2022. 1. 20


Development : Ubi Soft
Distribution : Ubi Soft
Platform : PC, PS, XBOX

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