Freshly released to offer the card game experience to all, yu-gi-oh! Master Duel resumes the basics of his little brother, Del Links. With this in mind, the goal is to let its luck anyone, whatever the size of his purse. But with more than 10,000 counter cards, it can be difficult or disturbing, to find it effectively. Fortunately, Master Duel offers many options to help Free-Play players stay competitive.


Explore the solo game

Raise cards in store and in play

The first steps towards the duels

Deck Prank-Kids, Farce-Gamins

Deck Zoodiac

Explore the solo game

Whether you are a beginner or confirmed player, go through the tutorial is an easy way to make a lot of gems from the start. On the latter, you can choose a starter from 3. The Synchro Pack is most interesting with the presence of the 3 typhoon of mystical space . Then continue in solo mode with the chapter “Duel Strategy”. Here are excellent cards to recover as Monster Reborn , the reinforcement of the army but also 2,400 gems.

The following chapters are less interesting in their rewards, but allow, for some, to unblock structure deck. This is the opportunity to get a solid foundation in the cards collection. Feel free to devote you to solo mode at first, in order to fill a maximum of missions. The rewards of these are recoverable in the “Missions” menu of the main menu. Similarly, frequently check messages in notifications to verify that compensation is not present.

Greting cards in store and in play

Even without having to put money at stake, the shop is full of offers not to be missed. Even before using the slightest gem in packs, head to the “Special” menu of the shop. You can find the duel Pass _ (a combat pass) _ and 3 bundles. For little that you play a minimum PVP, the Duel Pass is a priority to recover. Its cost of 600 gems is reimbursed in rewards, and it ants of cards needed to create.

For their part, the bundles are particularly inevitable. For a cost of 750 gems per pack, they allow you to unlock as much booster as with 1,000 gems, in addition to giving a promotional card. Thus, if the batch “flowering of ashes and merry spring” is to be preferred, the other bundles remain excellent. This will allow you to build a base of cards, and perhaps even unlock secret packs to build your first deck.

the first steps towards the duels

Even as a free-to-play player, it takes a little preparation before embarking on the dual duel duels. There are some necessary maps that will be the basis of many decks. This is Hand Traps and Staples usable everywhere and against every1. The latter are for the most part ultra rare _ (ur) _ and will be more difficult to get in boosters. The UR points unlocked by disenchancing cards or via the Duel Pass are therefore to invest in these cards in priority:

  • Called by the grave / called by the serious (ur) x2
  • Master of Skulls / Skull Meister (SR) x2
  • Delete / Crossout Designator Designator (UR) X3
  • Flowering ashes and happy spring / ash blossom & joyous spring (ur) x3
  • Inifini ephemeral / infinite impermanence (ur) x3
  • Nibiru, Primitive Being / Nibiru, The Primal Being (UR) X3

  • Hurluberlu and Lock Bird / Droll & Lock Bird (SR) X3

It is therefore necessary to provide a total of 150 species SR and 510 UR to complete this password. But it is possible to avoid some by choosing a first easy deck in order to Farm afterwards. For this, there are two decks quite easy to build, but also to take in hand, does not matter your dueliste past.

Deck Prank-Kids, Farce-Gamins

In addition to being accessible by the low cost of manufacturing its base cards, the Deck Prank-Kids is very easy to play. It revolves around small stuffing capable of invoking their friends from the hand or deck when used as Link or Fusion equipment. It is therefore the invocations to be preferred in the extra deck, but also what will allow the prank-kids to seize the ground.

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Deck Zoodiac

The zoodiac are based on the ease of invocation of their different XYZ. Thus, thanks to a single zoodiac monster, it is possible to chain a number of invocations to prepare the ground. Thanks to its effect, Zoodiaque drident can be used to attack its opponent directly. By doing this, simply invoke arsenal divine AA – Zeus – Thunder of the sky to clean the ground.