The ego shooter Atomic Heart has inspired since its revelation by the dense atmosphere and the great technique in the trailers shown. But no one was allowed to play him, and some meant that the title could not be a great scam. So. Apparently this is not like this: The responsible developer studio Mundfish Games has not only published a new trailer , but also made information on the release date .

What to see in the new trailer of Atomic Heart?

Atomic Heart: The Russian Bioshock

The just published video is worth seeing for several reasons. Among other things, you will receive a first taste of the basic story of Atomic Heart, which is often referred to as “Russian Bioshock” . This is located in a alternative setting of the USSR from the 1950s. There, however, nothing is the way we know it from the actual time page. Thus, robots are almost omnipresent, futuristic technology is used and at all, everything is very gloomy and sometimes oppressive.

Furthermore, there are numerous battle scenes to see, which give a foretaste of the weapons Arsenal from Atomic Heart. Thus, the protagonist can not only use energy channels and grenade launchers, but also use a special glove. This gives it to him telekinetic forces , with the help of which he can skid objects and opponents through the air.

Atomic Heart: Violent Gameplay Scenes from the Bioshock Clone

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Game of Atomic Heart: New Gameplay Video

From now on you can throw a closer look at the play of the ego shooter Atomic Heart.

When will Atomic Heart appear?

At the end of the trailer, it can be seen that the release of Atomic Heart is planned for the PC and consoles during the course of this year. The encrypted specification “####### BER” ​​suggests that Mundfish wants to launch the ego shooter in the last four months, so between September and December 2022 .

Source: Mundfish

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