Yu-Gi-Oh! It is a reef for Konami and the Japanese firm is squeezing it perfectly during the last weeks, both with the launch of Master Duel as with its Collectible Letter Set , which receives news In the form of a new expansion.

The first reinforcement content adds a total of 100 cards that operate with the dark magician of Yugi Muto, including a new ritual monster, a new fusion monster and a new form of Timaeus the United Dragon. With this summary you will be clearer.

  • New letters for themes introduced into explosion of destiny, including an ocean of new curse letters and a new and powerful monster synchron√≠a almaespada level 10
  • New letters for “chilling” strategies such as vampire and fantastic
  • The Aesir rise again! New Nordic monsters and letters Nordic relic
  • A new world premiere theme

EARLY Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle of Chaos Unboxing Exclusive First Look!

The battle expansion of chaos contains 100 new letters: 50 common letters, 26 super rare cards, 14 ultra-rare cards and 10 secret rare letters. The Kuriboh accessories collection is also available in Europe . Collect four new Favorite accessories from fans Friends, Kuriboh and Magikuriboh,

Each package comes with 50 covers of regulatory tournament letters with Magikuriboh. The Kuriboh Kollection gamepad is adorned with dozens of yugi characteristic friends.