Easter eggs are a constant for Techland and without going further we have the case of the first Dying Light with a phase of Mario in the first person and another section honking the holidays vs. Zombies. Hence, they do not miss all the easter Eggs who are leaving light these days about Dying Light 2: Stay Human, seeing how the romance of the rubber ducks has been resolved.

Thanks to the work of the community, with threads in Reddit or Steam, where Xlazcu has created a sensational guide for the Valve service, we have it easy. Because the steps to follow would be impossible not to know What to do with those hidden ducks … and much less knowing that they would give access to a very retro doom mini-game **.

Exact location of malignant rubber ducks

Being such a large and dangerous world, it is normal that these dark rubber ducks and as evil appearance are not visible. In addition, they are scattered on the map, as can be seen in the image created by Xlazcu for the Steam community. With this we see from a perrazo where to go.

But being more specific, you have to take these steps for each duck:

  • First, almost at the top of the VCN Tower . After completing the mission that gives us access to said tower, we use the paragliding to go down to one of the lower plants where there is a safe. The combination is 666 . There is the duck.

* The second is in the Observatory of the SAI . Right in the tower.
* The third in the northwest end of the map , on the outskirts of Hounfield. Yes, you should be careful with the parts of the soil with chemical substance.
* The room is under water, in the dock area . Inside a car.
* The fifth and last duck at the bottom of the prey . It looks much better by day.

Unlock the doom phase in Dying Light 2

Return to the VNC tower and use the elevator to go to the ground floor. Nothing after the tunnel until you reach a door that now will let you open. Avanza and use the other background elevator to take you to level 0, where you will see a sinister room…

Here you must place each duck where the candles and then join each cable of the panels with which it is opposite to form an inverted pentagram . If you have done well, a shotgun will appear in the center of the room. Select and enjoy the Minigame in Doom Plan for Gain Extra Experience Collecting Crystals .

We leave you with the video of The Easter Egg Hunter in case you have doubts and of course so you see this minigame as retro in action that, yes, it lasts a sigh but that is also made so that you can repeat and overcome your last challenge.

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