The simpsons are a cultural asset. For over 30 years on broadcast, sometimes more or less funny, but always successful and influential. The animated Sitcom is indispensable from mainstream awareness, including numerous insiders and catchphrases. Logically so that the Internet age is completely redesigned and continued these insiders, catch phrases and funny skits. Short: memes .

The Simpsons serve, especially in GIF form, again and again as a fun template for contextless visual humor. But a small row of Gags stands out from the collective noise on the Ulkige clips of Simpsons characters: Steamed Hams, in this country known as g ruptured hackling .

The meme has been popular for several years, but only recently, this meme has experienced a small upswing again. On Gamejolt, the scene was implemented as a graphic adventure in the style of the old Lucasart’s games like Monkey-Island or Day of the Tentacle. And the result is undoubtedly reminiscent of the classics of Lucasarts in all matters.

This can demonstrate amazingly high quality skills in terms of video editing and animation, not to mention the work effort that flows into these videos.

What does steamed hams mean?

Steamed Hams

Steamed Hams, or damped husks to German, is a name for Krusty-Burger Hamburger from a Simpsons Sketch between Rector Skinner and his superior skull of Chalmers. When visiting the superintant in the house Skinner, the poor cooking arts skinners lead to the fact that he is forced to serve hamburger from the local Krusty burger.

Previously, the upper school council enters the kitchen Skinners, asked for the apparent smoke in the kitchen, whereupon Seymour Skinner Steamed Clams announces, ie muffled shells. Well, stupid just that there are no steamed shells. So quickly spoke that it was originally to be Hamburg, and the upper school council could have misunderstood.

The entire sketch is an absurd spiral in which Skinner has to be continuously talking about head and collar. He does not want to reveal that he serves a) Chalmers currently Krusty-Burger and b) his kitchen slowly but safely flare. For example, it refers to the circumstance of the burning cuisine towards Chalmers as Aurora Bolearis.
The naivety with which Skinner and Chalmers act here, as well as Skinners complete consequence in telling absolute nonsense, was already a part of the seventh relay in 1996 as part of the seventh season (episode 21 to be accurate) and is still absolutely terrific today.

How do the memes come from?

Since this sketch is for everyone catchy and funny at the same time, of course, he offers a fantastic platform for numerous memes. Say, it’s so simple that you can simply do everything with it, and at the same time known enough to be interesting for many people. At first, simply alternative scenarios of the conversation would be called. Approximately a variant of the sketch in which the Upper Shoul Council of Chalmers actively investigatively operate than in the original.

Various animation styles can also be tried with this simple sketch and thus, as in many of these cases, develop creatively.

In addition to various animations and combination with different other memes, there are also obscure and sometimes even impressive examples, such as the implementation of the sketch in the style of an expressionist art film of the 20s.

If this is not exactly a workfile, most examples of YouTube Poops are inspired. YouTube Poops, or even YTPs, are a video shape in which the snippets of a media product, such as the Steamed Hams Sketch, are cracked from the context and assembled for a humorous effect.

In the wide range of internet, there are numerous other videos in this style, which all build on the original dinner between Skinner and Chalmers. If you meet the next time a video titled “Steamed Hams But […]”, you now know how this trend actually comes from. Recently, we first explained you with the backrooms another internet phenomenon.

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