UNCHARTED - From Game to Movie with Tom Holland and Neil Druckmann
Especially only with Uncharted the first video game filming of director Ruben Fleischer in the cinema seems to be directly revealed by the next project of this kind. Sony seems to be done by Fleischer and familiar to him after the adventurous Nathan Drake two more games icons: Jak and Daxter! Just like Uncharted, this game was originally developed by the Studio Naughty Dog. Over the years, various games have appeared that all play in a world in the fantasy and steampunk. The filming of the whole is likely to wait a long time – because apart from Ruben Fleischers role as a director is not known yet.

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Tom Holland had plucked again

But amusing is once again that Tom Holland – the star of Uncharted – is known to betray stories and projects before they are revealed. So it was probably as he had told that he would like to play in a film adaptation of Jak and Daxter. Presumably, he already had the info that butchers dedicated to the game, and made such a fun of it. He has revealed against Gamespot that he would like to film the game over the film company A24. These are known for indie films, which should also appeal to the wide mass. _ “It would be really strange and gloomy. I would make a really strange live action version of Jak and Daxter” _ , Stressed Tom Holland.

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Director Ruben Fleischer has made a name for itself with the popular Zombieland , but with Sony, above all, a stone in the board, because he has staged Venom from 2018. The superhero film with Tom Hardy (now favorably as Blu-ray and in the stream) finally brought over $ 850 million worldwide at the kinocasses. Whether uncharted will be achieved, remains to be seen: The theatrical release of Uncharted is the 17th of February 2022.

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