“An embarrassing and blamable performance” ZORC called the appearance, “a Europeanapokal game is not appropriate”. The team of Marco Rose was “not ready for this game at no time. There would have been no better starting position, the sports director: “Thursday evening, floodlight, drizzle, you play against Glasgow Rangers: What do you want more than footballers?”

If the team has eggs, then she turns it.

BVB-PK mit Favre und Zorc vor dem Heimspiel gegen Leipzig

Michael Zorc

The reality looked different: “And then I play so lame, always games a step too late, have no pace, no willingness and am not able to increase the beat number.” Only the late second hit by Raphael Guerreiro holds the rest hopping for the second leg next Thursday: “If the team has eggs, then she turns it.”

Kehl beats in the same notch

Also Sebastian Kehl, Zorc’s successor in the summer, showed himself in conversation with the SID “very, very disillusioned, which concerns the performance of the players”. Kehl on: “We sat on the bench and have thought: why do we start? Why do not we take the game in his hardness and importance?” That breaks “us all the head. That was blamabel”.