Since this season, Steffen Baumgart coach is 1. FC Cologne. From the last year’s descent candidate, who could only save himself in the relegation, the native Rostocker has shaped a team in no time, which accordingly plays around the European epoccellaneous places.

“I’m really happy with everything I have, Happy. I have the right woman, I’m healthy and at the moment exactly in the right place,” said Baumgart in “Spomv” to the clubs podcast of “NDR 1 Radio MV”.

Der Steffen Baumgart Song
That the 50-year-old times became coach, was always clear for Baumgart. Already as a young professional he had already dealt with it. “My goal was not to play 14 years of Bundesliga. My goal was to become a coach – even then,” says the man whose trademark has become the slide hat. “Everything I did, went out to become coach sometime.”

The 1st FC Cologne is the fifth head coaching station for Steffen Baumgart. Before moving to the cathedral city, the former striker for the 1st FC Magdeburg, SSV Köpenick-Oberspree, the Berliner AK 07 and the SC Paderborn was responsible. “What I can do well, I’m convinced of it is coach. I’m very honest, very clear, very direct and have an idea of ​​football I want to see,” explains Baumgart opposite the “Spomv”.

Return to FC Hansa Rostock for Baumgart an option

But the success coach also knows which shadow sides there is a kind of appeal for the native Rostock. “In the job, it’s about here and now. What is good today is not good tomorrow. Every coach knows that we are on thin ice. Even if we are successful, it’s thin ice.” Nevertheless, he is looking forward to every day and wants to stay in coach job as long as possible. “

Speaking of Rostock. In his home club, he was already active as a co-trainer as at Germania Schöniche. A return to the club, where he had his best time as a player, is for Baumgart in the field of possible, currently “far away”: “This is my home club, my hometown. To deny, does not go.