Siegrest Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Owami) is the latest work of the dream world series latest work, dream spinning fantasy occupation RPG “Yumeko person and forgetful black fairy” (“Yumekuro” Informed that it started delivery from February 18 (Fri), 2022).

Siegrest Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Owami) is the latest work of the dream world series latest work, dream spinning fantasy occupation RPG “Yumeko person and forgetful black fairy” (“Yumekuro” We will inform you that the delivery started from February 18 (Fri) 2022).

“Yumekuro” is a smartphone game app that says “Dreams Fantasy Vocational RPG“.

This work is a new story that is the same “Dream World” as “Dream World” released in March 2015, “Dream Kingdom and 100 Prince Sleeping”, and from “Dream 100” different from time and angle I’m drawing the world of

In addition, this work will be a work of joint delivery with Bilibili that developing China’s largest online entertainment service.

“Dream 100” is more than 1,2 million downloads worldwide, and we will deliver this work to more people in joint delivery with Bilibili as a global expansion.

The number of pre-registrants has topped 250,000 people.

# Delivery Commemorative Campaign Overview

At the campaign implemented in advance, 3,000 Yuka Start (20 units), Meister 10 Rena Tickets, and one black fairy 10 consecutive gautical tickets have been decided.

# # (1) Yumeko and forgetful black fairy delivery start commemorative campaign

In commemoration of the delivery start of “Yumekuro”, we will carry out follow and retweet campaigns.

“Yumekuro” Official Twitter Follow and Campaign The AMAZON gift certificate (for 5,000 yen) will be presented in 100 people from among those who retweeted the tweets.

· Holding period: February 18 (February 18) -February 20 (Sun) 23:59 · Present contents: Amazon gift certificate (for 5,000 yen) 100 people · Application method: (1) “Yumekuro” Follow Official Twitter (@yumekuro_info) (2) Campaign Retweeted tweets

※ Amazon, and their logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

# # (2) Release Memorial Login Bonus Campaign Held!

We will carry out a release commemorative login bonus until 5:00 on March 13, 2012.

In this campaign, it is possible to acquire 200 peaks on the fifth day of login, on the 10th day.

· Holding period: February 18, 2012 (Fri) -March 13 (Sun) 5:00

# # (3) Release Memorial Gacha & Memorial Pack appeared!

With a fee limited, ★ 4 Meister will be able to get one person, and we will sell the release commemorative pack where 1500 paid tumors and items in the game are set.

· Holding period: February 18, 202 (Fri) -March 13 (Sun) 15:00

# About the Dream World Series

The fantasy of the “dream world” is a generic term for smartphone game apps produced by the ZIKRest.

Under the concept of “Female”, I will love the many characters that live in the dream world, and fostering the bond, and the one of the one of the guests heats the chest, the dream-like experience I am aiming for.

The 1st series of series released in March 2015, “a dream kingdom and a thousands of sleeping” is 12 million downloads over the world, “I released” in February 2022.

# “Yumeko and forgetful black fairy” service outline

· Title: “Yumekaku and forgetful black fairy” · Genre: Dream spinning fantasy occupation RPG · Usage fee: Basic play free, item charge system, delivery: App Store, Google Play (Native app) · Joint delivery: Bilibili Siegrest Co., Ltd.

App Store Google Play Official Site https: // www. Official Twitter (@yumekuro_info) Official YouTube Channel

# # Cast list (in order of sonal order, honoring abbreviation)

Shota Aoi, Akihei, Tenzo, Takahiro Ishii, Aki Ishii, Ishitani, Ishii Harima, Iwasaki Yoho, Uema Yoho, Shuhiko Uemahara, Hinhiko Okamoto, Hirohiko Okamoto, Hirotaro Okamoto, Hirotaro Okamoto Ono Tomoki, Kashihara, Kazuki Kato, Makoto Kano, Kano Sho, Kano Sho, Kawano Kawano, Kogawara, Kobayashi Yu, Kobayashi Yuzu, Kobayashi, Saito Saito, Sako Sakai, Sato, Sato Takuya, Shimono, Yutaka Shinkagaki, Suwamu Kenichi, Takaaki Takasaki, Takahashi Takahashi, Takeuchi Hideaki, Tamoto Motohisa, Chiba Yoshiya, Kojiro Tamoto, Kojiro Tsuda, Wataru Tsuda Terashima, Takajima, Toyunaga Yoshida, Masayoshi Nakazawa, Nakata Hajima, Yuka Nagano, Hirotaro Nishiyama, Shoho Nogami, Hanji Yue, Hanayoshi, Sakae Hayashi, Shunsuke Hasaku, Shunsuke Hakugawa, Fukamachi, Mie Fukuyama, Mie Furugawa, Kei Furukawa, Kogawaki Horie, Masaaki Masakusa, Masuda, Matsuda, Takumi Miyama, Miyasae, Taku Miyasa, Hayashi, Taku, Haya Yoshitani Yamamoto, Yamamoto, Yamamoto, Yamamoto, Yoshiyoshi Yoshiyoshi, Yoshino Yoshida, Yoshino Yoshino, Yoshino

Company Profile

Company Name Co., Ltd. HTTPS:// City of Shibuya-ku, Uda-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo No.1 ABEMA TOWERS Established November 4 IP and Games Planning, Development and Operation