Jeremy Wang Aka Disguised Toast is sometimes known from the first days of Hearthst1. At that time he made attentive with crazy Twitch Plays-Hearthstone videos and illuminated regularly the most serious bugs in the game . After a long Hearthstone pause and a stopover on Facebook Gaming, the Twitch Streamer has recently shown that he still has it.

Within three days he was the new Metagame of Hearthstone and climbed in standard mode on the legend rank! He did not take the Legend Climb so seriously.

The old toast is still on it

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“Damn! Less than a week,” he said excitedly after defeating his opponent. “I’m back in Hearthstone Constructed and I am the 5999th best player in the world!” Well, at least in North America.

For the long-standing fans of Toast this is a comeback, of which many thought it would never come. “I just played Hearthstone ironically. There was nothing serious, but I had to come back and let myself a bit.” He also said that the game feels much faster than earlier and described the pace as “crazy”.

Disguised Toast reaches Legend playing Hearthstone for 3 days after 3 Yrs Hiatus | Time to Rank 1?

Five years to comeback

You can hardly believe it, but on March 11, 2022 Hearthstone will be eight years old. Until about five years ago, DISGUISED TOAST was one of the best players from Blizzard’s collecting card game and participated in tournaments around the world. Since then, a lot has happened to today’s Variety Streamer and Member of Offline TV.

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