NCsoft (Representative Kim Taek-jin, “Aion” of PC Online MMORPG (Multi-Local Role Performance Games), “Aion” held 2.2 update ‘Deva, Araca, on the classic server.

Aion added an instance dungeon ‘Araca’. The user can acquire “ancient artifacts” and ‘clear chargement decorations’ in Araca. Araca can be stalled independent of the use of the support fortification, and it is possible to proceed once a week.

The growth section was also reorganized together. The game in the game has reconfigured according to the level section, and the acquisition experience value was raised to a large width. We changed the ‘Steel Rake Lake’, which was the existing party dungeon, so that users were able to use the characters to the Dungeon. In the steel ribs, the 44-level unique grade armor can be poured. Users can enjoy a variety of contents through fast growth.

The NC (NC) has updated various things to reflect the use of the user. In order to shorten the upper rank challenge and attack time, an individual capable of obtaining a bonus score to the ‘Poeta of darkness’ was added. In order to proceed with the lively Abyss lowering, the ‘Race forces’ fee is excluded from the ‘Race forces’.

Aion; Aion 2 Information Update & NCsoft Corporation Earnings Meeting Quarter 2
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