Pokemon Co., Ltd. has delivered update data (Ver. 1.2.0) of software “ pocket monster brilliant diamond shining pearl ” for nintendose switches.

In this update data, the extension of the “Union Room” that had been previously reported and the match function “Coliseum” has been added. Along with this, some Pokemon, which is not originally intended, or some Pokemon obtained in unauthorized remodeling, etc., also carrying out the response to the communication exchange and the communication match.

# # ■ Enhancements to “Union Room”

Eight of the largest number of people who can interact with “Union room” extended to 16 people at the time of local communication, and 16 people at the time of Internet communication. In addition, by choosing “Greetings” or “ball deco” at the time of interchange, you will be able to show the trainer card or ball deco.

# # ■ Add match function “Coliseum”

Pokemon Center By entering “Coliseum” on the second floor, you can enjoy the match with other users. Various rules can be set up, such as the number and level of Pokemon to make a match. You can play single battle, double battle, multi-battles by using local communication and internet communication.

Besides this, some issues have been fixed so that you can play the game comfortably. In the future update, communication exchange in the facility “GMStation” of Kotobuki City will be added.