While from Software has become known for its hardcore action projects as _SEKIRO: the shadows die twice and in the blood, there has been a moment when it has produced a solid mechanical action with the _ blinde. And now, the company’s marketing manager has just referred to the possibility of a return to this series.

By this Gematsu report, the Marketing Director Yasunori Ogura recently updated his official Twitter header image. But instead of being something from the current games of society, they chose to go with a breath of the past – and it seems that _ very shieldednoan_ish.

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The image is below, featuring a fairly large robot with a kind of cannon variation.

The company worked hard on a new project called elderbag, in conjunction with The Creator George R.R. Martin. However, he received no recently update, which suggests _Purrent Cook something else.

And in the past, the president of the company, Hidetake Miyazaki, had shown his interest in the return of the series. Previously, he had suggested that a new chapter was in preparation in June 2018, only to say to the fans of “Wait a little longer” to get the official information.

So… Could we see an ad not soon? Game Awards will take place next week; And there is also the Jump Festa 2019, which will take place in Japan later this month. Either show would be ideal for a new naw advertisement, marking the first entry in the series from _ Armoredn: Day of the verdict went out in 2013.

We will let you know as soon as the Society officially confirms anything. But yes, we will do a little mechanical action between the hardcore inputs of Software for us.