The main story quest “Nightrunners” by Dying Light 2 leads you to an epic conclusion of Hakons history. Or? At the end of this quest, you must meet some very influential story decisions that will affect your end. While this part of the quest is built a lot, most of the other basic quests is similar to the other basic quests; Speech with someone, fight against infected, snapping something, repeat. So we will start at the end of the Nightrunners Quest when Aiden is commissioned to meet Hakon.

Nightrunners Quest: Meeting with Hakon

After a long series of quests, Hakon will contact AIDEN. He will ask you to meet him in the church on Saint Paul Island. If you finally go to church, there is a way to get to the west corner of the building. The entrance is located near a burning barrel in front of an open door.

After following the quest mark, followed the rest of the way inwards, they are confronted by Hakon. It turns out that he did not intend to lead the promised cheerful chat, and instead only wants to have the GRE keys they own. You then get two dialogue elements, though both do not make up much: “Come on, Hakon, you know that it is too important.” Or “You will not get it without fighting.”

While the decisions lead to the same end, in which Hakon Renegades sends to fight against them, is “Come on…” in terms of dialogue the best. Hakon will say that they both were never friends, and there is a solid conversation that leads to the Renegades asking you to take the key.

Hakon track

After taking care of the first three Renegades and start hunting Hakon, they will be confronted with several other. When all are dead, Hakon will reappear below. Go over and talk to him again.

Aiden will express his surprise that Hakon would actually try to kill him for the key. “There are so many people died that the bike does not turn now anymore.” Is Hakon’s answer and he lets you know that he still wants to have the key. Hakon attacks you, but he is little surprisingly pathetic. You can easily dodge each of his attacks and he is dropped pretty quickly. However, if you bring him to fall, you become fainted and he will use this opportunity to escape.

Dying Light 2 - What happens if you Kill Hakon vs Save Hakon (All Choices)
To find Hakon, you have to go to the upper part of the church. Jump from middle gear to top to the balcony on which the red fabric hangs. If they find him again, they will both lead a very insightful conversation about why he has done the acts he has done, and why he decided to follow Waltz. Without warning, however, he will push them back to the first floor and they have to fight against him again. This time you will kill Hakon and have to leave the church.

Nightrunner’s choice

Hoppla, just a joke. Hakon somehow still lives.

When they leave the church, Hakon will pursue them, although he is admittedly pretty finished, he still has his murderous intentions. You now have a different choice, but what happens here depends on your previous story decisions and how you played the game so far. Your two options are: “Let us not fight.” Or “Come closer and I have no choice.”

Do not fight us

If you helped Hakon all the way back to Revolution or Into the Dark and also completed the side quest Siper’s Alley, the selection of “Let us do not fight” can cause Hakon to make a retractor. If you did not decide to help Hakon, Hakon attacks again, which leads you to kill him finally.

Come closer and I have no choice

If you “come closer, and I have no choice.” Choose, Hakon attacks again, which causes you to kill him forever.

Revenge of the opponent

Suppose you have fulfilled all the requirements and Hakon convinces to make a backdrop, then Lawan appears and wants to kill Hakon himself.

Do what you need to do

If you “do what you need to do.” Select, Lawan Hakon kills himself. This is clearly the end of the bad choice, as it leads to Hakon dies and then Lawan will not become a Nightrunner. Especially after Hakon has explained to them how he was manipulated, it is a shame to see this result as it does not use any1. Even Lawan, who says after the murder of Hakon, that it did not feel so well as she had imagined, and it regrets it in a certain way.

Listen to me, Lawan. I do not do

If you “hear me, Lawan. Do not do it. “Then Lawan will yielding, Hakon do not kill and destroy her killing list. This is clearly the end of the good choice, as Hakon is still alive until the end of the game and Lawan will not feel her regretting shame. After the election, Lawan leaves the church, and now you can finally. Dying light 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Home / Player / Dying Light 2 Nightrunners Choice: Should you fight against Hakon or not?