He is the most controversial content creator in the story of League of Legends , but he managed to redeem himself on an effort and dedication to become an praised figure even by Riot Games. Tyler1 continues to have emerged opinions regarding the state of the game to which he dedicates countless hours, and has achieved an almost impossible milestone in qualifying games: reach the highest range of the game in the five positions that we find in the loyalty crack. A fact that the company has wanted to compensate with a very special gift .

Riot’s gift to Tyler1 after meeting his great challenge

To recognize the difficulty of the challenge assumed by the creator of content and the time he has dedicated to fulfill it, Riot Games sent the creator five medals . Each of them has the old logo of the Challenger range (challenger) and is accompanied by a ribbon in which an embroidery appears indicating the position in which he got it and the date on which he reached the range. A unique detail that developers have wanted to share with the community.


The Tyler1 challenge also allows you to make certain readings of how all the League of Legends positions work. According to the creator of content the simplest role is support , where he needed less than 500 games to achieve Challenger. Similar situation for Mid Lane and something more complex for jungle , which was not given especially good. However, where he has suffered is in the top lane : he needed almost 3,00 games to complete his ascent, and was stuck for a long time between the master and great teacher scores.

It has been 6 years since Tyler1 was permanently banned by Riot Games in one of the toughest sanctions that are remembered: not only had a suspension in his game account, if not that his person was completely vetoed until the end of the times. An unprecedented disciplinary measure that developers raised after the player continued to create great content about League of Legends spectating games or organizing tournaments. An unexpected journey that concludes with a unique achievement that Riot has wanted to recognize.