“It was expecting heavy game against a strong opponent. And a great thing for all Mustafa Ünals fans and the team to win under floodlight and the horny atmosphere,” said Stuttgart’s coach Mustafa Ünal on Friday evening after exhausting 90 Derbyminen at SSV Reutlingen At the crossing. Next: “It was more fight as a playful class, but that was also asked today. Reutlingen has helped that the game remains as exciting. If it goes off, no one may complain.” In the 16th minute Tunjic scored the 1-0 for the guests in front of around 3000 spectators. The ahead went a Reutlinger slatting bang, which let the Mustafa Ünals shake short. A few seconds later, SSV-Torwart Piu Stuttgarts Braig brought in the penalty area. Goalgetter Tunjic relied the mature penalty safely into the left corner. Otherwise, the game was balanced. Both teams had their chances in the intense game, but left the cold cutishness and sometimes the last consequence before the enemy goal. So it stayed with the only hit by Tunjic. Accordingly, the joy of the Stuttgart Mustafa Ünals was after the final whistle, which not only celebrated the derby victory, but also defended the spreadsheet.

The SSV players are waiting for the continuation of Derby. Previously, the Reutlinger layered z pyrotechnics. imago images / ulm press image agency

Unsurprised scenes there were around the derby, too. Referee Hafes Gerspacher had to interrupt the game for a short time after Reutlinger said Ultras Pyro. In addition, according to matching regional media reports Reutlinger followers have tried to attack the Stuttgart appendix. However, the police who knew about the explosiveness of Derby knew could, however, could intervene in good time. In addition, Mustafa Ünals trailers should have damaged a slice of one of the shuttle buses with which they were brought from the station to the stadium.

Freiberg moves to

Tags, the SGV Freiberg retired sovereign. Thermann (28.) From the penalty point and Greetingner (30th) were carried by double strike for a comfortable breaking station against Astoria Walldorf II. This could have been higher. Two goals whistle the referee back. In addition, the Sbonias-Eleven left some good opportunities. Also in the second round, the table two was not burning. Sökler made the lid in the 73rd minute with 3: 0. Freiberg’s Coach Evangelos Sbonias attested his team after the game a “very good” and “very mature” performance and spoke of a “highly deserved victory”. “We kept at the plan for 90 minutes, which we have developed during the week,” as the game had already been decided, his team did not return his team. The Freiberger did not have returned in ascent race. Through the 3: 0 success, stay on a counter to the Stuttgart Mustafa Ünals. Walldorf, on the other hand, is still under the bottom line.

Sovereign appearances

Sovereigns were also the performances of TSG Backnang, the 1st CFR Pforzheim and the FC 08 Villingen. The latter celebrated a 7-1 shooting festival against Unterlörach-Brombach. Backnang networked against the SV surface after all four times, and Pforzheim turned an early 0: 1 residue against the table top last Ilshofen in a 5: 1. Outstanding player was Noah Lulic, who had shot the encounter with his loupe sleeve hattrick before the break. The victorious trio continues to fight with the 1st Göppinger SV for Tableplace three. Göppingen had to effort in contrast to the competition in Linx more. In the end, the table reciprocity left the place with 2: 1 as a winner. However, for the SV LINX, which continues to have a six-point residue on the non-suspension places, at least one point has been possible.

The stroke is also the Freiburger FC. He left three important points in the basement duel against the sports lovers village features. The decision for the guests already fell in the initial phase. After a corner, Gallego Vazquez freely came to the header and scored the only hit of the day. Both teams are now at 19 points. The distance to the saving shore is nine counters. Similarly, the 1st FC breaks off, which is also at 19 points. In Neckarsulm, the cutter troupe came to a point win despite 0: 2 residue. Especially annoying, of course, for the hosts, which could have settled with a success somewhat from the relegation ranks.

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Shock moments in Ravensburg

Speaking off: Meanwhile, five points to the spin sites Distance has the FC Nattingen, who won 2: 1 in Ravensburg. However, success was in the background. “It was a victory that you can not look forward to 100 percent,” says FCN coach Reinhard Schenker, who spoke three points after the game of “expensive bought”. For in the final phase, Nöttingen Timo Brenner and Ravensburg Tim Lauenrauth rustled with his heads. The game had to be interrupted minutes, both supplied on the court and then brought to the hospital for treatment. In addition, on the Nöttinger side Jimmy Marton moved into a muscle injury. At Niklas Hecht-Zirpel, there is a suspicion of muscle faser.

To the athletic: blow it was in the initial phase. In the sixth minute of shaft climbers already punished a negligence in the Nöttinger defense. However, the FCN provided the appropriate answer immediately in Person of Kranitz (7.). Eleven minutes later, the already mentioned Marton turned the encounter after a combination. Nattingen had everything under control. This also changed the shock torque shortly before the end and the long exam time nothing.