Thanks to a strong catch-up hunt in the final quarter, the German basketballers in the World Cup qualifier celebrated their third victory.

The team of national coach Gordon Herbert won in Heidelberg against Israel at 84:80 (39:34) and thus made a big step towards the second group phase. Germany took over with the second victory against Israel within four days the spreadsheet in the group D. Best German Werfer was Maodo Lo of Alba Berlin with 18 points.

At the end of June and early July, the final duels of the first group phase in Estonia and against Poland. All results from the first group phase will be taken, the first three of the four-group continues. The World Cup 2023 takes place in Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines.

Catastrophic third quarter

Win after -15 POINT DEFICIT! | Germany - Israel | Basketball Highlights - #FIBAWC 2023 Qualifiers

The German team was almost a catastrophic third quarter against Israel. The hosts gave the section with 15:31 and thus seemed to be decisive in residue. But Herbert selection fought back in the last ten minutes and secured the important victory. Also, because the extra-nominated Euroleague player Maodo Lo, Johannes Thiemann and Andreas Fruit showed their class in the decisive moments.

“Of course they give us a lot of quality and have a lot of experience,” Herbert had said before the game at magenta German teams. “It’s great for us that you are here and feel committed to the national team.” Lo was pleased to be back again. “It was in this window most powerful,” said the Berliner, with a view to the otherwise occurring appointment collisions with the lots in the Euroleague.

“The team has shown character”

Nevertheless, Herbert initially left the Euroleague trio on the bench and, for example, set up the first 20-year-old Justus Hollatz, who had convinced the win in Tel Aviv three days ago. As in Israel, a balanced game developed in which no team could settle at first. After about five and a half minutes Herbert sent his newbies together to the parquet. But initially, after the short familiarization, there were still some voting difficulties to recognize. After the first quarter it was only 20:20.

Even in the second section, the German team continued hard. At Lo and Co., light and shadows changed, only shortly before the break, Germany settled down something and went with a scarce five-point lead in halftime. But after the break, the German team was not much together. Israel used the many discrepancies among the hosts and sat down to 15 points (65:50). But Germany showed great fighter and turned the game. “The team has shown character,” said DBB President Ingo Weiss.