BPM: Bullets Per Minute | Trav Guy

If you like running games and firearms, explosive demons and insane violence, you are probably a fan of Doom. Unfortunately, we are between Dooms for the moment. Can I suggest a new approach to the type of gameplay it proposes? Enter BPM: balls per minute. You get every gunshot and doom demo massacre, plus a little something else. BPM is also a rhythm game, where players can shoot, dodge and recharge to the rhythm of the game music. Think about Doom + Crypt of the Necrodancer. He went out last year on Steam, but will arrive at Consoles in 2021.

The console version will be launched with everything you can experiment on PC, as well as the OverDrive update. This update will include several new characters, new weapons and new capabilities. There are some different difficulties for players who have rhythmic challenges, but for experts, there will be a brand new infernal difficulty. With so many rogue games on the market, I think we can do with just one more, right?

BPM: Per Minute Bullets will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One this year. Unfortunately, there is no project for a PS5 or Xbox Series X version | S, but the possibility remains open. BPM: Per Minute Bullets is now available on PC and arrives on PS4 and Xbox One at an unspecified date 2021.

Have you checked the BPM on PC or will you try it on console? Let us know in the comments below.