Compared with the wet seeds, which are more than a thousand, the number of objects of collecting “heart of giants” is much more reasonable 15. This means, however, that to collect each of them is a feat. Be prepared to spend a considerable amount of time, effort and / or resources for every giant heart you found.

The heart of the giant in the black fang log can be exchanged, but it’s not so easy to get it. You will need to fork out for a round sum in valuable currency to pick up this heart yourself.

How to get the fifth heart of the giant in Lost Ark

You can exchange for the fifth heart of the giant Mariner Rosa . To exchange it, you will need to offer 3300 Gina coins .

You can get hyena coins, opening chests with awards that you get for the performance of various quests on the islands. Alternatively (or if the quests have ended) there are daily actions that you can perform in order to potentially earn more hyena coins.

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Every day the islands of adventure appear. These islands can offer more chests with coins that you can use to get more hyena coins. You can see what time the islands appear and what awards they offer by clicking the icon compass icon under your mini-card.

For information on where the Eighth Heart of the Giant is, go to the section where to find the eighth heart of the giant on the island of freedom in the lost ark? In professional guidelines for the game!