Unity donates $ 62.3 million (about W75bn) through charity to help Ukraine. The Russian Putin government is drilled by invading Ukraine. Unity is a company that provides games and real-time 3D content creation and operational platforms.

Unity also donates Ukrainian Mega Bundle Asset Requirements to Ukraine Support. Mega bundle assets are products that collect contents that can be used for game development. In addition, Unity plans to donate all the asset net income sold by Ukrainian Publisher. This plan leads throughout this year.

Unity Ukraine Mega Bundle -- 100% Of Proceeds Supporting Ukranian Charities

The Unity side supported Ukraine through the Eset Store, “he said,” More than 500 of the Asset Publisher was affected by this war. ” “Unity launched a mega bundle that donates all of the profits to support Ukraine and support Ukraine to join the creators.”

The organization that unity donation is the Ukrainian International Volunteer, UNICEF, Nova Ukraine, Canadian Immigration Association.