The Publisher writes about World of Warcraft Shadowlands:

dares to go to the hereafter

The veil between life and death is torn.

With a single act of destruction, Sylvana’s windmen raised the gate into the hereafter. Azeroth’s most loyal defenses were devoured by deep darkness. An ancient power of death threatens to blow up their shackles and destroy reality.

9.2 Zereth Mortis World Boss Antros Location shadowlands

Hidden riches full of miracles and horrors await all that transition to the other side. The shadowlands mountains the entire kingdom of the dead; A world between the worlds whose sensitive balance is preserved and preserving death.

As one of Azeroths’s largest champions, the ability to change with body and mind to change to the other side. Now you have to go to the bottom of a conspiracy that could destroy the entire cosmos, and help the legends of Warcraft to return to… or to fulfill their ultimate destiny.

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