At the end of Spider-Man: no way home , we had a chance to know a new suit that the arachnid would be using for future projects of MCU . Due to the short thing this scene was, it was difficult to appreciate its design in its entirety, but fortunately, that has changed today thanks to a recent publication by the conceptual artist for this feature film.

Spider-Man No Way Home Final Suit OFFICIALY Revealed in full Detail
Ryan Menerding, Conceptual Artist of No Way Home, published in its official Instagram account the official design of this new suit, giving us the opportunity to enjoy with luxury the design of it and without more, here you can see.

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A shared publication of Ryan Meineriding (@ryan_meinerding_art)

Before his official revelation, the fans theorized that this new design was a mixture of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield suits, and everything seems to indicate that many of these theories turned out to be true. We do not know when we will see again spider-man on the big screen, but when we do it, we will see it by premieving this suit.

Editor’s note: It seems that indeed, this new suit is inspired by the other versions of Live-Action Arachnid, although of course, with its own touch for this cinematographic universe. I hope it does not miss a lot to see this new suit in action, whether within your own movie, or some cameo.