The Future Looks Brighter for the Visually Impaired

“It’s very bright. So I’m not right at all,” said Biathlet Nico Messinger, who has two percent eyesight, after training: “I am very sensitive to light anyway, when the sun is shining and reflected in the snow. And I have it? The feeling that the glare is stronger here again than on other competitions. ” That could be on it, “that you have no trees here in the stadium, which can filter light,” said the 27-year-old Freiburg: “I’ve already talked to other, non-visually impaired athletes, which also say it very much is GRALL. ” Meanwhile, there was a praise with some sarcasm from Alpin national coach Justus Wolf for the conditions around the racetrack. They are “as expected” great, Wolf said, “If you have no boundaries of nature conservation and budget, then goes something like that. Although you have to ask yourself in terms of sustainability: it needs it?”