Hardcore gamer everyone! When playing the game, have you ever thought like this? “I see this item well, but what kind of taste?” I have a good time.

Therefore, in this article, in order to “eliminate” this question, only the name is often heard, but I will buy “foods of the example” which is the actual taste well, and I think I will purchase “food of the example” and cook for it for the actual situation.

It is the 4th of cooking planning. Recently I am playing a PC version “ Monster Hunter: Rise “. The switch version also played up to the last, but it has been reinstalled again with the PC version again, but also benefits such as high frame rate, and we proceeded to the last rust without stress.

By the way, it is this to say that Monthan’s best. Tail cutting. I thought every time I saw the cross section of the cutting tail, “Can you eat this?”

However, unfortunately, I can not get Rio Laia’s tail. So I think this time to solve this “I want to eat tail” with various tail meat.

Yes, first of all. “ National beef tail 1kg “. Purchased in about 3000 yen in Rakuten. Is it Doborberg or Buffalo as an image?

After thawing in the refrigerator, expose it to water. If this is done, it has the effect of flushing blood and surface stains, and erases odors and so on. The work from here is a turn for almost odor cancellation.

Put in a pot and take water and get it to fire. It will continue to take out because there will be a small amount of access.

Beware after washing with running water and then to a pressure cooker. Flora vegetables and herbs such as green onions, ginger, Laurier, and onion are also in.

After that, you just need to soften the meat with the power of pressure. First of all, boiling and confirmed the effect of the pressure cooker, it was brushed to a low heat and cooked for about 2 hours, and the fire is turned off and left overnight. Then add salt and pepper and sweetness to add mirin etc. to finish the taste.

Well, let’s cook more and more other tails. This is “ domestic pig tail 1 kg “. The price is 756 yen and the price cheap (by shipping). However, I have to buy it with the adhesion of hair that can not be released in lower processing. When I’m worried, let’s get along in the burner in advance. As an image… it will be Moss. (While spreading from Pugie)

Cut after thawing. Because the position of the joints does not know from the appearance, it is not a considerable power work because it is not as well as cutting the bone.

Like the beef tail, throw it in a pot, put onion, ginger and get underground. This also work is required.

Behind it, go to the rice cooker. In addition, water, soy sauce, sake, mirin, ginger, kelp etc. are added and cooked with warmth. Since the beef tail also releases overnight, it is left as it is.

The next day. Stewed 2 items will be placed once and we will cook new tails. This is a chicken tail, familiar with grilled birds Boiled . It was several hundred yen at the nearby supermarket.

Bake in a frying pan with thin sesame oil.

If you have a burnt, you will add a green onion and set the taste with salt and pepper…

It is the completion of frustrated sashimi salt frustration. As a snack in the house, a dish of this alone.

Four types of tails prepared are “ crunchy “. It was 4000 yen in a set of about 50 g of the meat of about 50 g in a pouch. This is the most luxury item. This time I’m close to the most monhangable taste. It is a reptile. Crocodile is exciting because I am the first challenge.

I want to make the taste simple, so I thin flour and bake in a frying pan.

Is it moist or fat as it gets into the fire? Liquid comes out if it comes out. Cooking while sucking with a paper with a paper so as not to get flour on the surface.

Finally, after melting the butter, taste the taste with salt and pepper….

Completion of Muniel of the crocodile tail! Muniel actually seems to be a cooking method that is basically made to fish, knowing everyone? I did not know. But it’s aquatic life!

Come on, the tail who cooked 2 days a weekend is finally all completed.

This is a “tail set meal” finished by humans who have led to Monthan. From the upper left, “Boiled pork butche” “crocodile butche soup” “Crocodile Tail Muniel” “Chicken butcher pine salt fried”. It has become a set meal of power system, of course I was well known. It is a system that definitely rises with the attack power and the maximum value of strength.

Let’s eat it! First of all, I have a pig foot simmered in Okinawa, but it is close to that. The gelatinite surface is finished in the cold of the rice cooker and the teeth do not need tooth. There was a slight smell of it. Maybe the flavor vegetables at the bottom of the downturn should be a little more? The chicken butch is a tavern taste. I will not drink alcohol, so I will not go to a tavern too much, but I still have nostalgic because I have not made eating out in the current situation. A green onion sucking a chicken fat is a flavor.

The beef tail soup was a pressure cooker. Even if you do not put a force with a spoon, your meat will come out of the b1. It is well from the bone and dust out and the soup is deep. By the way, there is a service that allows you to carry the monster tail of “Yorozaki” in Monthan Rise. Depending on the probability, it is possible to get a vitro drug and a powerful drug (“Monthan” of “Monhan” of the icon in the bin, but Actually it is a tail soup It may be . It was a dish that seems to be a lodging of energy that can be scolded and can be scolded during the battle. The throat is dry and it is likely to be leaning to drink the recovery agent.

And I’m anxious I’m a crocodile tail, but please see the section here. The lower half is a part of the so-called muscle. The crocodile meat is often similar to chickens, but certainly, it was certainly a texture that was passapasa with a part where fat such as chicken breast. It does not mean that it has been heated extremely long…… Cooking method was bad? There is almost no taste of the meat itself and there is no odor, so it is likely to be used for various dishes in that sense. However, the solid is also good.

And it is the upper half, but this is a texture that you have added cartilage and fat and divided by 2? Is it gelatinity, it is a strange site. It is the crocodile tail that purchased this time, but this site accounted for nearly 80%. Is this most of the tail? It is probably because it came out in the middle of baking. Muscle parts like the same taste, but I have never felt in other organism meats, only a little wild flavor scent. So-called crocodile odor. I do not dislike it personally, but I may not be funny even if I have a kind person. It may be correct that I made a butter and made it Muniel.

This tail set meal, appearance in the game, it may have been slightly out of the rule, but because the foat tail soup theory was also floated, it won a miracle reversal. Cattle tail, cooking threshold may be high, but the satisfaction after completion may be a tail Ichi, and the othary holiday is a day for cooking.

It would be nice if you could tell you with comments if there are also the idea of ​​the subject. By the way, although “ Elden ring ” was playing, poison or feces or corruption It is not likely to be picked up in the plan now…!.