Temtem is a pleasant surprise in the kind of collectors of monsters. It is inspired by Pokemon but brings a lot of other things on the table. The dialogue is well written, the customization is rich and the strategy involved in battles is as deep as any other game of the genre. TEMTEM is an essential Pokemon replacement for people who do not have access to a Nintendo Switch and an excellent alternative to the fans who do it. The title is still in anticipated access, which is obvious after meeting several blocked areas because of its development, but what works here works well.

TEMTEM is a massively multiplayer creature collection adventure that will seem familiar to Pokemon fans. The title brings a number of new ideas for monster fighting, such as an endurance indicator and mmo connectivity always online whose players have been dreaming for years. There are six islands of the airborne archipelago that players can explore as a customizable Temtem Tamem. The visuals of each zone are beautifully colored and although the parameters change, the artistic quality of the game never decreases. CREMA has opened its development process through a successful Kickstarter campaign and involving the community during the process, which will certainly improve the game over time.

Similar to Pokemon, there is a rival named max that is similar to Gary Oak of the original generation of Pokemon but with a more colorful personality. There is also a teacher who looks like Professor Oak named Professor Konstantinos. Konstantinos can look like a Latin oak teacher, but he has more attitude and a better sense of humor than Oak in original red, blue and yellow titles.

Tamers begin their adventure by personalizing their appearance and quickly meeting Professor Konstantinos to receive their first Temtem. Similar to Pokemon, there are only three options: Crystle The Crystal Temtem, Smazee The Melee Temtem or Houchic The Mental Temtem. Each monster has its strengths and weaknesses and everyone will be the foundation of your Temtem group so choose judiciously! Immediately after choosing your Temtem, Max challenges you to fight with a Temtem he had already and quickly cleans the ground with you. After the fight, Professor Konstantinos takes pity on you and offers you a second monster to venture.

Temtem (Pokemon-Like MMO) - Official Gameplay Trailer
The introductory fight in Temtem is a one-to-one battle, but most of the gaming experience focuses on two-to-two combat with duet coaches in Pokemon games. The battlefield is just as pastel as the overmould, but it is dynamic and therefore does not slow to make the visuals colored. TEMTEM uses endurance rather than PP or Mana to manage their attacks, adding an interesting strategic layer to the battle formula of monsters. To capture new monsters, a tamer must weaken them before launching a Temcard that swirls around the creature until it is captured or released.

Outside the battle, Temtem follows its tamer as in the best Pokemon games. This allows players to see not only their favorite monsters, but also those of their friends and enemies. Players can team up to the adventure in the airborne archipelago together, or brave the world of solo temter. The game requires a significant grip to stay competitive with the coaches you will encounter while you explore, forcing you to stay close to Healtem and Temdeck (the PokeCenter version of this game) to grind some levels and possibly change your Temtem.

TEMTEM includes many secondary quests that focus on characters that you would otherwise have been able to right, adding to history naturally. The own user interface includes the most important information and the rest, with a bar D ‘Practical action on the left side of the screen and the health of your party on the right side. Since the game is always in anticipated access, many features and zones are blocked and reserved spaces are placed at random intervals to inform players that it is a work in progress. This is not normally a problem because you can bypass most of these areas, but some parts of the game give you the feeling of touching a brick wall due to continuous development. It remains to be seen how things are progressing, but for the moment Temtem is one of the best monster collection / fighter games the most expanding monsters from Pokemon and I can not wait to see what the full version looks like.

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