By making the original mortal kombat game of arcade, the creators Ed Boon and John Tobias decided to create two characters with palettes exchanged to save a valuable space. Those two ninjas became Scorpion and Sub-Zero, and Boon and Tobias sought several small ways to make them feel different from the players. In a video behind the scene that Boon shared today on Twitter, we can see the actor who plays Scorpion and Sub-Zero testing different postures, following the suggestions of Boon and Tobias. The decision required seven additional animated tables, but the movement helped to distinguish even more fighters.

Creating Scorpion's Spear - Mortal Kombat Behind-The-Scenes

The video can be found on the Tweet embedded below.

In tracking tweets, Boon revealed that the previous video was very early in the process of development of the game; In fact, we can hear him refer to sub-zero as “the cold type”, since none of the characters had a name yet! The idea of ​​adding different positions for the two characters was made during the real filming, so there are several attempts to find something that works for each character. As Boon points out on Twitter, the postures had to be different enough, but they also had to work with the existing kicks and punching that the two characters would share.

Boon shared the video above to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the original. Mortal Kombat. Clearly, it has been changed since 1992! Momattal Kombat would end up being a great success, generating a series of sequelae, spin-offs, live action movies, toys and more. It is almost hard to believe when you look back to the humble beginnings of the game! The videogame industry is notoriously bad in the preservation of its own history, and many of the first images and conceptual art have been lost over time. Given that, it is really great to see that this footage has managed to survive the last 30 years. With luck, Boon will have much more to exhibit throughout the year, while he continues the anniversary celebration of the game!

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