The 10th anniversary of the release from the released in March 2022 will be sent by STeam / EPIC / App Store. In addition, it is also planned to release a commemorative trailer that celebrates the tenthy of 10 years, and to launch a 10th anniversary version of soundtrack collection.

Traveling a vast world without words or letters, and the adventure game “Wind travel Bit” that clears the mystery is in charge of developing ThatgameCompany. The main work released for PS3 is a combination of music that has been nominated for the Wonderland and Grammy Awards, and at that time, the Game of the Year award is won from many media such as IGN and GAMESPOT. Did.

Ceo Jenova Chen, ThatgameCompany, will meet the interview with that looks back over the past 10 years. The development cycle of the same work is longer than the original plan, and the debt that Mr. Chen had at the time of the game release is $ 200,000. “Who could not pay anyone’s salary because it takes up to 6 months to receive a part of the actual sales. It did not happen. “

GTA San Andreas 10th Anniversary Tribute Trailer

When the “trip” was finished to complete the “wind trip Bit”, while talking about the hardship at the time of the fact that the staff of the studio was also exhausted, the influence of the studio’s frame is given to the industry has reported that it seems to be proud.

“The emotional story that could be cried only was only in the cut scene in the game, but in 10 years after the appearance of the” Wind Bit “, there are a lot of scenario games that crying even during play Yes. This is a big change and is a big advance for the game industry. “