By coincidence, it turns out that the venerable hierophant is nothing more than an empty puppet powered by an elfric. As a demonstration of power, he even kills the vice-minister and now attacks your army.

But do not worry! This battle may not be one of the worst that the game can offer. You just need the presence of the Spirit.

How to defeat the hiero

The hierophant may look threatening, but in fact it is not. He simply causes automation whenever it gets free. He also has a rather deadly skill, which will destroy any unit, who has three TPs and more than . However, while you follow your TP Throughout the battle, this should not be a problem.

Real trouble – everything else on this map. If you want to kill the hierophanta, you first need to get rid of everyone else. Eradidor And also Hewette All you need for this battle.

Erador can provoke enemies within two tiles. He has all passive skills and protective abilities to reflect almost every blow. Just make sure that one of the magicians will not hit him, otherwise he will resign one blow. Write the magicians before they get closer to it. If you need Benedict as well as Medica Constantly provide him Additional moves Make it, to make exactly it.

Triangle Strategy Character Guide!

He will not be able to continue in the same spirit forever, so do not forget to leave him strengthening the spice before sending it. Heal it when HP will fall up to 25%. Finally, use your allies to deal with subsequent attacks on enemies that surrounded it.

Meanwhile, Hewette can use Shadow Arrow on distant enemies of melee, so that they do not move for two moves (three, if you improve it). This should give your allies enough time to kill the nearest enemies.

If you want, you can also use Lionel for this battle. It can provoke far standing enemies.

There is no reinforcement In this battle other than automation. The hierophant can call them only once for the move, and then not every move. However, they apply a big damage, so try to defeat them as quickly as possible. Fortunately, they are very slow!

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