The 2.63 is a very big update for Dofus. In addition to the traditional PVM content, here low levels, the patch reviews a large number of aspects of the MMO. The team had specified it, but it’s about clean the game for Unity. With a changelog along more than 40 pages, we go around the details that you will only notice with background.

DOFUS 2.63: Small essential changes to the update

Before reading this article, it is recommended to consult other changes in the 2.63 update. Dofus goes drastically change, as much as side as in Amakna, with new quests and dungeons, but that’s not all.

Repetition of low and medium revenue levels with DOFUS 2.63

The malefic forest represented a large area on the map, containing many monsters. Some are moved or replaced, such as . Their related resources are also, sometimes becoming easier, sometimes more difficult to recover. In any case, several objects of all slices earn new recipes.

It is also necessary to mention the revision of Crafts based on “goblin” resources. With a clean monster family, goblins have a new impact in low-level recipes. Because of a relative seniority at stake, this editing is all the more important and leaving important areas to look good for Farm at the beginning of tempor (so drop of equipment disabled).

redesign of the cards of the world of twelve

For the recasting of treasure hunts and most likely import on Unity, several thousand dofusian card have been modified. You will inexorably end up remarring these small details, these new symbols or locations. This broad revision to better integrate the path of maps will leave a very strange sensation, novelty without the background nothing has really changed.

The highlighting of the almanax

Relatively unchanged, the almanax is revived more or less indirectly with the update. In addition to a new music that adapts over the seasons, its rollers are back! In addition to old items Using them, the second-generation trophies will be honored with the reuse of the 100-150 panoplies.

Better, a consumable to teleport itself in dimension uses them. The price increase should largely encourage players to finally finish their dolmanax, or just bring an offering for the Kamas!

Nerve of Bavdur and Pl

The nerve of some monsters is a great missing information of the live Ankama. Some were able to note once in beta, but this is not the case for the majority. However, the changes are likely to impaculate the META of the PL, so several quests of quests and the farm of several zones.


In addition to a slight nerve of the fight between Pandora and Bavdur with a limit of the teleportation, the Chaloeil will now become almost intachable while the chief crocodaille has no more resistance, which may reduce the value of his scales or his skull.

Infinite possibilities with tempor stuffs

Another modification very largely neglected: the redesign of the level 100 to 150 panoplie bonuses. The Dofus team had already revised the stuffs 1 to 100 with the redesign of Astrub, in 2018. This action had drastically fluidized the gameplay and the Impact will be felt in 2.63. The panoplies becomes viable or even ** powerful. We arrive at combinations widely overriding the traditional 3rd generation trophies at reduced costs. A small land mode? Zothician Wabbit Garou. A PANO FIRE 150? Hell Mina / Truche. Crid? Long live the Moon items.

Without the items being reviewed, a large set returns to the front of the stage. From 3 or 4 items, you can easily receive a PA or PM bonus on the large majority of panoplies, millou or soft oak for example. On the temporis, the impact will be important and new “OPTI” combinations will appear at this level of levels. And it was then that it must be remembered that this action is only a first step in a later redesign of equipment 100-150, and also 150-200 panoplies. The meta of theorycrafting will change, without totally invalidating old stuff.

more comfortable classes to use

A big problem on dofus, especially spectator, is the legibility of fighting. For the 2.63, many classes thus undergo retouching to add icones, animations, details or redesign of descriptions. A part is of course reserved for the player, not shared with the team. The goal is not to increase the display but clearly indicate key information, such as a rekop or the evolution of turrets.

DOFUS 2.63, what happens when?

The major update of the spring “The Mal Bosquet” comes into play from here end of March . The date remains unknown and will be unveiled in the coming days. You can nevertheless test the beta to discover the different modifications of Dofus 2.63.