Neobu (Joint Representative Literature, Kim Seung-chul), and the mobile game developed by Quality Tsuchi Oka Yoshi Tatsu, “Idoly Pride” announced on the 17th that it has started to reserve domestic dictionary.

‘Idolley Pride’ is an idol fostering simulation RPG that contains the story after the Japanese animation original of the same name. It is characterized by a story that has grown up with the girls singing to become the best idol, and the strategic RPG element is introduced into the easy-to-wear manner.

You can experience a variety of contents, such as ‘communication’, which can communicate with idol through ‘live’, message and call that fostering the story after the original animation, and to experience the idol. In particular, the attractive characters of the original animation are implemented in a sophisticated 3D graphic at the console level, and their live performance can be enjoyed more immersive.

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From today, the advance reservations in progress until formal release can participate through the separate page ( All users who participated in advance reservations can receive ‘Korean Limited 5-star Mana Photo’ coupon.

In addition, according to the number of pre-reservations, it provides a ‘cast ticket’ that can draw a game goods’ red diamond and idol character according to the number of pre-reserved. When achieving more than 200,000 people, the ‘5 Casture Casting Tickets’ will be added.

More information on idolry pride pre-reservation and original animation viewing can be found in the official community.