Elden Ring players will make various elections that directly or indirectly affect several NPCs. For example, referenceing the potion of Seluvis Sir Gideon before delivering its oil, allow players to get more options for choosing in a situation.

Elden Ring - How to Get Blaidd's Weapon & Armor Set

You will come across a similar choice with the Master Izi, Kuznets, located outside the karya estate. After completing the chain of tasks, the players will have the opportunity to report to the master Izi about the death of Blaidda. Informing the NPC on the death of Blaidda will also lead to the death of Master Izhi. Returning to the Ranni’s Rise in Three Sisters, players will find Blaidda waiting in this place, and he will attack you. Players can ignore him, but better to defeat him and get its weapons.

During communication with the Master Izi, you will notice that there are more options in the bladder dialogue. Even after you win Blaidda, the option “On Blaiddes” appears on the Interaction tab with the Izi Master. If players decide to report to the Master Izi about the death of Blaidda, he will also die. If you want to keep his life to get access to his store often, then do not tell him about the death of Blaidda.

As soon as the players return to this place after relaxing at the place of grace, you will notice that the Master Idzi is burning. Next to the master Izi lies another body, which says that he has not surrendered without a fight. You can pick up his bell to get all its twin husk items.

Master Izi – Important NPC in Elden Ring, located in a rather convenient place. This place is easy to visit to improve weapons and buy blacksmith stones. Players can visit this NPC at any time next to the road to the destroyer of Grace South of Kariya’s estate.

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