To increase the level of your equipment in Lost Ark, fragments of the keeper stone are required. It would be wiser to be able to break whole crystals of the keeper stone on fragments, but in this game you can’t do it.

You cannot break larger crystals to get fragments, so you cannot create fragments of the keeper stone from the keeper stone crystals, and you must earn them in the usual way.

How to get keeper stone crystals?

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You can get stone keeper crystals in several ways. You can pass the dungeons of Chaos, the raid of the Guardians, buy them in the Marie store or get them as a bonus for the entrance every day. They will be only a few times, and re-raid guards will bring even less than the first time.

In addition, the Marie store will sell only a limited number at any time, so you can’t pay to win with her. The store takes real money, but the crystals that it gives can be used to obtain any items, therefore extra crystals are not wasting.

You cannot easily farm such things in the game, so do not hurry.

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