LG C2 OLED EVO TV | Unboxing Set Up and First Look 2022
In 2020 and 2021 LG has each brought the best 4K TV to the market for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Now it’s time that the 2022 models of the celebrated LG OLED are available. At MediaMarkt and Saturn you can now buy the LG OLED C2. The TVs are directly available and of course you can order for picking up.

The sizes are 48 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches available. The further sizes are not available at the current time.

The cost of the different sizes:

  • LG OLED C2 48 inches for 1,749 euros
  • LG OLED C2 55 inches for 2.249 euros
  • LG OLED C2 65 inches for 3,099 euros

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That awaits you with the LG OLED 2022

In particular, LG uses the OLED C2 to use the more efficient and lighter OLED EVO panel. This was reserved for 2021 the Premium G-Series. Furthermore, the LG OLED C2 has a new processor, the Alpha 9 generation 5. LG highlights that this has a better upscale and thus implements content below the native resolution into a plastic image.

Of course, the LG OLED C2 HDMI 2.1 is installed with VRR and Allm. Playing in Native 4k with up to 120 fps are also possible here with the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Furthermore, NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD Freesync Premium are supported.

In the 2022 model, LG has also added a Game Optimizer. Over this, you can make specific settings per game on the TV. You can also access a dark room mode that is designed for playing in dark rooms with reduced brightness.

The software uses LG now WebOS 22. This supports several profiles for the first time. These can also separate the login data for streaming services from each other.

Other features of the LG OLED C2:

  • Dolby Vision IQ
  • HDR10 Pro with HLG
  • HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro
  • Ai Picture Pro
  • Sat: Twin Triple Tuner (DVB-T2 / -C / -S2)
  • 2.2 Sound system with 40 watts

LG OLED C2 at Media Markt buy LG OLED C2 at Saturn

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