One of the most important people at 343 Industries is currently Kiki Wolfkill, who is also one of the producers of the series of _ halo _ for paramount +. She’s work began as an Executive Producer of the Xbox Study after Bungie left this franchise in the past. Since then, Wolfkill has positioned himself as one of the crucial minds at the time of speaking about this property . Thus we recently had the opportunity to talk to Kiki regarding the Halo series, and what this show means for her and the franchise.

Being a fundamental part of Halo in the world of videogames and television, there is no one better to talk about the greatest inspirations that this version of Master Chief took. This character has been present in different media , so there is a great opportunity to make the character very special.

Is this version of Master Chief is inspired by the work of 343 Industries or Bungie, or a combination of the two?

“I think Master Chief, even in games, is a product of all the Master Chief who have appeared before. We have always been clear with who this character is. What is different in the series, is that we are showing a completely new side of John-117, as well as the Chief Master that we all know and love. “

The series takes inspiration from games, books and other media. What is your favorite?

“That’s something complicated. Since I am a great entertainment consumer, I love reading, I love podcasts, I love television, cinema, videogames, and everyone has a different purpose. I love the narrative structure of a videogame, it gives me something different, and it is something that managed to connect at various levels. However, there are times when I want to go back, and I want someone to tell me a story, and I want someone else to take me for a trip, instead of myself. So I have to say that I love both. When I go on vacation I tend to just read, so a little bit of everything “.

However, the position in which Kiki is not is something she searched for. The producer began her career in the video edition , and wanted to participate in documentaries, but after seeing the work she was doing with halo, there was no other way to go.

How Kiki Wolfkill Went from Racecar Driver to Executive Producer of the Paramount+ Halo TV Series

What was the event that inspired you to enter the videogame industry? Since this is not your first adventure with halo.

“I was very fortunate, because I fell into the video games, and I love video games, but I wanted to do documentaries. I went to the video edition, and I began to make kinematics for games, and that was amazing, because I love how creativity and technology come together. Once I had that experience, and I understood the incredible effort that is to create a game, just do not look behind. I had the fortune to fall into this, but once I was in the industry, it was all I wanted. “

By having a very important role focused on being aware of Halo, both in the world of video games and television, Kiki has a very important and difficult task, since needs to find a midpoint among ideas that 343 industries and Paramount brings to the table . This may sound simple, but the truth is something more complicated than it sounds.

You also work with 343 Industries, how difficult it was to find the midpoint between the vision they have in the Games and the production of Paramount?

“As 343, I was fortunate to have amazing and creative collaborators, such as the Showrunner, and obviously Steven Spielberg is involved, Otto Bathurst was the director of the pilot, so we work close to them to find out what the series needed to be and What I wanted to be, I think that’s something very important: what is what history wants to be. So we began with the aim of making history you manage to represent Halo, the topics of hope, heroism and discovery, but knowing that we wanted to explore Master Chief as a character, something we can not do in the games in the same way, then [production] became a constant coming and going between creating history, building on the Canon, where we need to diverge in order for history and character to have a little more freedom; And if we are going to do that, how to make it still feel part of the halo universe, even if it is not exactly as it was shown in the games, or was written in a book. “

Fortunately, Kiki’s work seems to be giving results. The Halo series will arrive at Paramount + next March 24 . Along with this, you can also check our interview with Pablo Schreiber, actor that gives life to Master Chief in this production, here.