While the NFL agreement with EA Sports and Madden NFL is stronger than ever, the league starts slowly but surely to diversify its product portfolio, while it seeks to reach new audiences with sport. And an example of this is a new agreement signed between the NFL and the sports technology company Statuspro, who will see it publish a brand new football experience at the first person on PSVR presumably PSVR2 .

Although the project does not have any name or screenshots, it is described as an “annualized” title, which will allow you to go on the ground from a point of view to the first person. StatusPro has already worked with Microsoft’s Augmented Reality Helmet to integrate real world players into virtual football scenarios, and the NFL believes that this experience will help make its virtual reality project a little more immersive.

VR Football Games

“The game in virtual reality is developing quickly and our partnership with StatusPro allows us to explore a new immersive version of the NFL game with the management of the two largest VR platforms of this emerging space,” said the big hat. Consumer products from NFL, Joe Ruggiero, in a statement, as reported by CNET.

The plan is that the game completes existing products, so there will be no overlap with Madden NFL here, as you can imagine. We think it will look more like the excellent 2md VR Football, which is an arcade style football game in which you play the quarterback in more and more difficult exercise scenarios of two minutes. You can write the games, hear them on the ground and run as you work to hit a winning touch with two minutes to the meter.

We are quite excited for the potential here. The official involvement of NFL means that StatusPro should be able to include real teams and real stages, so even small details like going out in Metlife could potentially be breathtaking in virtual reality. Assocate this to the new PSVR2 Sense controllers, which should make the natural balloon ventilation, and we can finally live our dreams QB1.