On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Animated Series SWORD Art Online, Bandai Namco Entertainment announces the next World Release of SWORD Art Online Variant Showdown. The mobile game should emerge in 2022, without more precision on the date for the moment.

In this action game, you will have the pleasure of finding Kirito and thus discover the rest of its history. When a whole new game, allegedly created by a high school student, makes his appearance, Kirito sees some of his memories go back to the surface. Memories that he would probably have preferred to forget. But what would worry it more particularly, it’s the rumors about this famous game, Cross Edge.

Sword Art Online Variant Showdown Official Reveal Trailer [New SAO Game]

The first rumor tells that a player came out of nowhere attacks others. But especially lose against this mysterious player leads to rather strange consequences. The loss of some memories for example. The second door on the style of this famous player who would wear a hood hiding his eyes. A detail that will immediately recall the Laughing Coffin players guild in Kirito. Guild he has already confrested in the past. To unravel this story, Kirito decides to start playing Cross Edge accompanied by his friends. Unfortunately, they will quickly be the target of a surprise attack.