cryptomoneds and nft are a delicate and controversial issue that we have ever dealt with in MGG. In fact, this story is protagonized Axie Infinity , a degree based on this type of proposal to which we already dedicate an article, and that has been the subject of a security gap, putting in check all users with investments in the proposal.

Axie Infinity, with a mechanics similar to Pokémon, has been a success in this type of NFT games. Now, as we see in Kotaku, his leaders have officialized one of the biggest robberies in the history of technology. Due to an Xploit, a hacker has “drained” around 600 million in cryptomones.

“There has been a security gap in the Ronin network,” the company announced in its substack. “Today early, we discovered that on March 23, Sky Mavis Ronin validation nodes and Axie Dao validation nodes were committed, which resulted in 173,600 Ethereum and 25.5m USDC drained in two transactions.”

For this movement, the responsible has used, supposedly, pirated keys to request the withdrawal of cryptomoneds that was fraudulent. According to Ronin, the attacker _ “found a back door through our RPC node without gas, of which they abused to obtain the signature of the validator Axie Dao” _ .

This type of game uses greater security, specifically nine validation nodes to avoid these fraudulent actions. Last November, Due to the overwhelming demand of new Axie players, Ronin granted special privileges to Sky Mavis , the company behind the game, so that it could sign transactions in the name of it.

Apparently, Ronin has blocked accounts while continuing his research on hacking , which means that no one can take away from him even when Ron’s price, the native token of the network, has collapsed more than 25%.

Axie Infinity's Ronin Chain Suffers $600+ Million Hack!
It will be necessary to wait to know what is happening at the end with all that money, but of course it is not a flattering news for this kind of products, at a time when the NFTs have begun to collapse without brakes.