The Publisher Blizzard writes about this video (excerpt from the blog):

The environments of diablo IV cover a large extent of the game and its graphic components: five different regions and hundreds of dungeons waiting to be discovered by you. There you will kill monster, collect booty and explore the surroundings. Of course, nothing would be possible without the common efforts of our talented designers, programmers, ambient designers, lighting artists and technical designers.

When creating the environments of diablo IV we pursue a gloomier, more earthy approach than in earlier parts. The goal is credibility, not realism. This credibility rests in the use of our materials and conscious creation of architecture and artifacts that you will find in the dungeons and in the open game world. In addition, regional weather conditions, a wide variety of local biomes and the history of the game world, form the basis of looking like an object or a place in a medieval world like Sanctuario. Finally, Sanktuario is full of history, fighting and conflicts and offers us many opportunities to show a diverse world full of appealing places to a gloomy medieval scene.

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