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SC Freiburg to Sieben-Tore

After another brilliant idea, SC Freiburg has its sights on the first participation in the Champions League.

The cup finalist won 4: 3 (1-1) in the Baden duel at TSG Hoffenheim on the third last day of the Bundesliga.

“It is incredible to win here. There is nothing better for us,” said Captain Christian Günter: “The pressure was already there for a bit, so it’s all the more beautiful. We work to have a final in Leverkusen on the last match day. If you play such a season, it must be our goal to have the greatest possible success. “

Due to the success, the Breisgauer, at least temporarily, conquer the important fourth place. Lucas Höler also satisfied this: “It was very emotional, luckily we brought it over time. Overall, we are the deserved winner.”

Roland Sallai (23rd), Christian Günter (50th), Lucas Höler (70th) and Woo-Yeong Jeong (73.) scored for the Freiburger, who are a point ahead of RB Leipzig. The fifth has to go to Borussia Mönchengladbach on Monday.

The TSG is still on a downfield and has finally lost sight of the European Cup after seven games without a win. The goals of Andrej Kramaric (32nd), Angelo Stiller (49.) and Sebastian Rudy (84.) also changed that.

In front of 23,627 spectators in Sinsheim, the Hoffenheimers determined the initial phase. After a mistake by the Freiburg defender Manuel Gulde, TSG striker Star Kramaric changed the first opportunity (7th).

Freiburg in the lead after the first successful campaign

The Freiburgers, who had to do without Yannik Keitel, Kevin Schade and Noah Weißhaupt, only got into the game. In the game forward, the Breisgauer hardly produced anything, the otherwise strong outside players were not only valid. The three series in defense did not work really well either.

Despite the problems in all areas, the team of coach Christian Streich took the lead through the first successful offensive campaign. After preparatory work by Höler, the Hungarian Sallai gave the former SC goalkeeper Oliver Baumann no chance.

Following the tour, the guests briefly took command, but the Hoffenheimers marked the goal. After a cross of international David Raum, the Croatian vice world champion Kramaric was on hand. It was only the fifth goal of the attacker who had been criticized in the past few weeks.

SAMASSEKOU in the card happiness, tension until the end

In the 39th minute, the Austrian Christoph Baumgartner missed the opportunity for the second goal for the hosts, in which Ermin Bicakcic, Benjamin Hübner, Marco John, Havard Nordtveit, Stefan Posch and Chris Richards were missing.

At the beginning of the second round, Streich switched from a triple to a chain of four and brought his superjoker Nils Petersen. The measure initially backfired. Stiller met after preliminary work by Kramaric. However, the SC was only shocked for a few seconds, captain Günter immediately equalized.

After the two early goals in the second half, the encounter really picked up speed. Both teams played with an open visor for victory. Höler (62nd) missed the best chance in this phase.

All goals & highlights | Hoffeinheim vs SC Freiburg | Vòng 32 Bundesliga 2021/2022
Shortly afterwards, the Hoffenheimer Diadie Samassekou was very lucky that he didn’t see the yellow-red card (69.). Höler uses the due free kick. It was already the 24th standard gate of the Freiburger, which thus lead the league. Shortly thereafter, South Korean Jeong increased. Rudy once again caused excitement.

How to add a command to combines in Dune: Spice Wars

Dune: Spice Wars | How to MASTER the early game! (Dune Spice Wars Tips)
To add the crew to your combines in Dune: Spice Wars, you will need at least 50 people. You can obtain labor by constructing military buildings that produce it, for example, Harkon employment Bureau . Each building will add 4 people over time. If you need more labor, we recommend building more structures that produce it.

You can also get more labor in Dune: Spice Wars, exploring certain technologies in tab “Development” . As soon as you have 50 people, you can manually add more the crew to your combine. To add more the crew, click on your combine and find the button shown below. By pressing the button on the image above, you add one crew to your combine. You can add up to three, and sometimes four with specific technical research . You will also improve the production of spices for each team that you add to the combines.

This means that more spices are added to the stock of spices. Spices that you add to the warehouse can also be used to obtain more Solari, moving the warehouse slider down. Moving the slider down will add more transactions Spice to Choam, which will give you more Solari. Because of this, we recommend that you add the crew to your combines when it is possible, since you will need Solari ( the main currency in the game ) to control your empire.

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Yu-Gi-o! Master Duel deck manual – how to assemble a balanced deck

Yu-Gi-o! Master Duel offers a choice of a huge number of cards and decks. It may be difficult to understand which deck to collect and how to balance it with so many cards. We have collected some tips on creating a balanced deck in Yu-Gi-OH! Master duel is lower.

How to assemble a balanced deck in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel

When collecting a deck in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel, you want to save the balance 40 cards . Although you can add up to 60 cards to your deck, the presence of more cards makes it difficult to stretch the cards necessary for victory. With these 40 cards, we recommend the balance of 20 monsters ,10 spell cards and 10 maps *.

How To Build a Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel!
This ratio can fluctuate depending on the conditions of winning your deck. Therefore, you must build your deck around one or two conditions of victory . This increases your chances of victory, because you are more likely to stretch and use your best cards.

Choosing a deck of the deck in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel

With so many cards and assemblies, it can be difficult to understand how to collect your deck. There are several ways to choose an assembly. You can choose what is popular in the meta, choose a topic or use certain strategies. When building a deck, here are a few tips to remember .

  • Do not forget about the forbidden list when adding cards to the deck.
  • Do not forget about simple maps such as Mystical Space Typhoon or Trap Hole, which are good in any situation.
  • That the card corresponds to your topic does not mean that it is good. Do not add cards just for thematic purposes.
  • Avoid too specific winnings based on one map. Instead, create victory conditions that use several cards.
  • Sometimes you will encounter a deck that opposes your victory conditions. This does not mean that your deck is bad or unbalanced, it just means that in the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel there are several ways to win.
  • See the official yu-gi-oh channel! Tournaments or check high -level players to find out which cards they use and why. The inclusion or creation of your strategy based on their games can be a great way to get ideas for building a deck.

The exact setting of your deck in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel

You did not finish when you finished your deck, since you still need edit and configure it . We recommend taking look at your deck after three matches . Study what worked and what not. If the card was not used or did not live up to expectations, remove it from the deck.

On the other hand, if something worked, move your deck to include it in your victory condition, or add cards that support this or facilitate achievement. With a constantly changing meta and the addition of new cards, your deck will never be complete in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel.

To obtain additional information about yu-gi-oh! Visit the Yu-Gi-OH page! Master Duel: Is it worth buying Duel Pass? And how to get a red-eyed black dragon in yu-gi-oh! Master Duel in professional game guides.

NBA: Bucks and Warriors reach second play-off

Defending champion Milwaukee Bucks and the Golden State Warriors have moved into the second round of the play-offs. The Bucks won 116: 100 against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday evening (local time), the Warriors with 102: 98 against Denver Nuggets. Both teams won 4: 1 in their series.

The best thrower of the evening was Giannis Antetocounmpo, who led the Bucks to a clear victory against Chicago with 33 points. Milwaukee settled significantly in the first quarter (34:18), Chicago no longer came up. The Bulls lacked Zach Lavine and Alex Caruso, Demar Derozan came to only eleven points.

Chicago Bulls vs Milwaukee Bucks Full Game 5 Highlights | April 27 | 2022 NBA Playoffs

In the semi -finals of the Eastern Conference, the Bucks are now meeting the Boston Celtics around Daniel Theis. Bucks star Khris Middleton will miss at least game 1 and 2 of the upcoming series due to an inner ligament injury in the knee.

The Warriors, who return long against the Nuggets, happened much more heavier than the Bucks in game five of their series. With a strong final quarter (32:20) Golden State was still able to turn the game – also because Nikola Jokic had foul problems. However, the Serb came to 30 points, 19 rebounds and eight assists, the best thrower of the Warriors was also Stephen Curry with 30 points. Golden State is the first team in the Western Conference to reach the second round.

Lost Ark: Tomorrows update straightening out your blunders – features 4 hrs of server down

The widely known Lost Ark banner and also Host Neek2lo comments: “Not only 10 minutes before the upgrade and you actually take treatment of the problem. “And various other individuals also say thanks to the programmers.

** What remains in the upgrade? There are some valuable details, adjustments and also adjustments.

The developer responds to issues from the neighborhood. You can just choose and also begin the express event in a single character, but you just do nothing via Gearscore 1,100. Some gamers did not review this caution as well as started the event on their major personality.

The modifications largely influence the presently running occasions. Including the express event and also the Guardian Raid event.

Because they had absolutely nothing from the actually very great event, this caused frustration among the players. With the update, the developers tremble hands with these gamers and iron their mistake efficiently. The announcement for this was currently on April 26 by means of Twitter and also triggered enthusiasm in the neighborhood.

** On April 28th, the once a week update Vonlost Ark will certainly come as well as iron your errors once again. We at Meinmmo summarize the update for you.

May Update quicker than expected

In addition, the patch notes give first potential customers for the May update. This should show up in the 3rd week. Nevertheless, the developers mention that this plan can still alter which the material of the upgrade is not yet final.

These are the highlights of the upgrade:

How long does the upkeep go? The servers will be closed down at 9:00 a.m. and are expected to remain offline for 4 hours.

  • You can change the selected character for the express event, insofar as you have not yet consumed the benefits. On top of that, the event can no more be accepted by characters whose gearscore is over 1,110.
  • The time you have to complete the express event was expanded from June 30th to July 28th.
  • The Guardian Raid event will certainly likewise be expanded till May 19. In enhancement, there are currently brand-new incentives for the Guardian Raids event tokens.
  • There were some changes to the incentives of pursuits that happen early in the video game and provided gold. They no more offer gold. That is expected to prevent bots on the ranch.
  • Numerous pest fixes

Because these are relatively tiny changes, you do not have to expect a larger download. We additionally watch on that particular for you.

The patch notes-all information

Express miss event

Further details as well as information on the changes made to enhance the specific goal event can be found here: Update to the Express Mission event 6.

Lost Ark: Update on Super EXPRESS Missions Event

  • A function has actually been included that enables you to alter your personality for the express miss event if the T1 and T2 reinforcement bonus offer from the event has not yet been used in advance.
  • You can only change your character for the express miss event once.
    If you delete your express miss event, * Please note that you can not develop a new character.
  • The event was changed as if you can just select the characters of level 50 with a thing degree under 1100 as an express miss event – personalities.
  • The inscriptions, which are readily available in the etching option breasts of the express mission, have actually been updated. All engravings are now available as well as all unused as well as stressed out choice upper bodies are updated retrospectively so that you get the entire selection of inscriptions.
  • The end date in the event menu has been updated to make sure that it now reveals July 28 as an event end date.
  • You still need to choose a character for participation in the express miss event prior to the selection phase upright June 30th. You can finish quests with your character by July 28th.

Event Wächter Raid

  • The occasional event Wächter Raid was extended till May 19 to allow gamer progress prior to the content update in May.
  • The expiration information of the benefits for items that you got from the Guardian robbery event were adjusted to the brand-new end day of May 19.
  • The rewards for the Guardian Riper Event have been updated.
  • Jewish upper bodies were eliminated to stop excessive “bot-farm”.
  • The adhering to items were contributed to the regular rewards:
  • Card bundle Legendary – Rare (3 )
  • Light currency chest of the Regulus (1 )
  • Course engraving chest (10 )
  • Uncommon fight inscribing breast (10 )
  • Course inscribing chest-rare (10 )
  • Battle inscribing directions selection chest-rare (10 )
  • Epic course engraving guidelines option chest (10 )

Added solutions

  • The gold benefits from different early globe as well as citadel missions were replaced by a variety of new benefits to stop the farms from baking.
  • The Xereon dialogue throughout the “Allianz to Time” pursuit in South-Vern has been upgraded.
  • The issue that a debug message was presented when a things was placed in the fortress was taken care of.
  • The expiry date of the requested Feiton Power passes was corrected on June 30th.
  • Please note that all Feiton power passes will occur on June 30, despite when you requested it.

What do you assume of the update? Did you make the event with the event yourself? Are you currently looking onward to the May Update?

Currently is the most effective time for you to enter Lost Ark – 3 months after the launch

This triggered disappointment amongst the gamers due to the fact that they had nothing from the really good event. * There were some modifications to the benefits of pursuits that take area early in the video game as well as offered gold. Did you make the event with the event on your own?

You can just choose and start the express event in a solitary character, but you just do absolutely nothing using Gearscore 1,100. Some players did not review this caution and also began the event on their main personality.

Riot Games enthüllt EDward Gaming LoL Worlds 2021

League of Legends’ Worlds-Skins are always a hot topic, and this year’s year is no exception. The winner of the Worlds 2021, Edward Gaming, has the privilege of having the achievements of his players converted into code, and according to the Splash-Art previously published by Riot Games, they look spectacular. Now the developer has gone further and has unveiled the skins in the game through his public beta environment (PBE).

At the beginning of this week, Riot confirmed that Graves, Viego, Zoe, Aphelios and Yuumi received this year’s Worlds-Skins selected by Li ‘Flandre’ Xuan-Jun, Zhao ‘Jiejie’ Li-Jie and Lee ‘Scout’. Ye-chan, Park ‘Viper’ Do-Hyeon and Tian ‘Meiko’ Ye.

The players of Edward Gaming originally indicated during the press conference after the Worlds 2021 Grand Grand final what champions they wanted to be immortalized, and it looks as if they all fulfilled their wish.

The most delightful part of the skin position process is the skin of Yuumi’s Worlds, which is modeled by Meiko’s cat Raccoon. According to Skin producer ‘Riot Tiny Bun’, support has expressly asked for his cat-like friend to be immortalized in the game. As you will see in your recall animation below, Yuumi is lifted up by ghostly hands and caressed, which-unfortunately we have to admit that we are talking about Yuumi here-is hellish.

World championship skins were unveiled on the PBE ????

DK vs EDG - Game 1 | Grand Finals S11 LoL Worlds 2021 | DAMWON Kia vs Edward Gaming - G1 full game

???? EDG Zoe
???? EDG Viego
???? EDG graves
???? EDG Yuumi
???? Edg aphelios

  • League of legends (@leagueoflegends) 26. April 2022

Since the Worlds-Skins debut on the PBE, it is only a matter of time before they appear on the live servers. The 2020 Worlds-Skins of DWG Kia were released on April 29 last year, so it is likely that Edward Gaming’s skins will arrive at some point at some point or while MSI 2022.

Hitman 3 Video Review – Perfectly executed

The agent 47, skilful and sadistic, hunting in the shadows, waiting for his prey. With a panoply of weapons at your fingertips and enough costume changes that Beyoncé, Hitman 3 is there, armed and ready to start 2021 with a perfectly executed kill.

Hitman 3 is a Mostly Great End to the World of Assassination Trilogy | Hitman 3 Review
After restarting the franchise in 2016, the Hitman series reached new heights. Not only IO Interactive has created incredible worlds with endless possibilities, but they also revolutionized how to support previous versions of a franchise. In the footsteps of his predecessors, this puzzle game stuffed with action and Flashy, will captivate you for hours. With multiple assassination opportunities, you will find yourself to browse each area to kill your target in a fun and often hilarious way. But do not just read about it, check out our video review below to see Agent 47 in action!

Hitman 3 came out on January 20, 2021 and you can read our full review here. What do you think of our review? Are you impatient to discover the conclusion of a truly fascinating trilogy? What will Io interactive now that they have finished working on the Hitman franchise? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter, and do not forget to subscribe to us on YouTube for more video game content.

One Piece Odyssey: The new game is full of promising images for Luffy and its band!

Last month, the Bandai Namco publisher announced a big news for all One Piece fans. Yes, Luffy and all his band will come back soon in an unpublished game! In this new adventure, the man in hat and his companions swipe on an island and will have to find the way to extricate from this bad step. What dangers expect the crew of the straw hat? Answer in the coming months!


Since the trailer, this unpublished adventure, the speculations are going well to the fans of One Piece. What will you reserve this new episode? We do not have the answer yet, but the publisher is well aware of the wait aroused by this announcement and begins to deliver first information, but also and especially pictures!

A J-RPG with an interactive anime taste

2022 will be the year of the return of One Piece on consoles and PCs. Currently in development, the title should take the form of a role play in Japanese with a graphics that will remind the anime. For those who have made the previous episodes, it seems that the effects and that The lighting were the subject of a refresher. If we believe the visuals revealed this day, Luffy and all his troupe will have to fight against both terrestrial and marine enemies, but also strange entities. Some photos also suggest the presence of puzzles. What is certain is that the whole is rather pretty with great colors and that the modeling of the different protagonist is just impeccable.

For the moment, One Piece Odyssey is expected for 2022 on most market supports (PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series). For now, the information is light, especially since some visuals are drawn from the trailer, but it will be necessary to settle. There is no doubt that the publisher has new revelations in his boxes soon.


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After possible war end: Vladimir Klitschko is considering returning to the boxing ring

Ex-world champion Vladimir Klitschko is thinking about a sensational comeback in the boxing ring. “When I’m in good shape, who knows. Maybe I have this dream of breaking George Foreman’s record,” said the 46-year-old of the bild.

At the moment, Wladimir Klitschko truly has completely different problems than the continuation of his career – and yet the 46 -year -old apparently thinks of getting into the ring again.

“I also learned that despite the war you shouldn’t forget life. Sport is part of my life,” said Klitschko the bild. “I am pleased that Tyson Fury has won. Who knows I don’t want anything big here, but if I am in good shape and above all that the war in Ukraine will soon come to an end and that our borders exist – Without any invasion that comes from Russia – at the end: Who knows? “

Klitschko: “Maybe I have this dream”

Wladimir Klitschko (Ukraine) vs Alexander Povetkin (Russia) | BOXING fight, HD, 50 fps

Vladimir is currently fighting with his brother Vitali in Kyiv against the Russian invasion, but the Fury fight at the weekend also makes the former champ thought about a possible comeback. “When I am in good shape, who knows: Maybe I have this dream of breaking George Foreman’s record. That motivates me to get up every day and do sports,” continued Klitschko.

Klitschko’s career has actually ended for almost five years, in April 2017 he got into the ring for the last time and lost against Anthony Joshua by technical knockout. Now it could be apparent that he wants to crack George Foreman’s ancient record. He boxed against Michael Moorer at the age of 45 and won. That was in 1994.

no resolution with Tyson Fury

“I don’t want to break a jaw, I want to break a record. I already said that before the war. And during the war it is about peace in Ukraine and when peace comes, we’ll talk about it again…”

However, there should not be a late rescheduling against Fury, who had beaten Klitschko in November 2015 and afterwards due to health problems.

Articles and videos about the topic
“Mother *** he!” Bizarre appearance by Tyson Fury
* Fury wants “Rumble in the Jungle, Part 2!”
* Scandal! Tyson beats aircraft passenger
* Experience boxes live on dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

After his knockout victory on Saturday against Dillian Whyte, Fury had never again emphasized that I promised my wonderful wife to get into the ring again, and I meant it seriously. It’s all d1. I stand for my word. “

3D TPS MOBA PC Game Overfrime Second CBT Preview

The PC game ‘overfrime (developer Netmarble F & C)’ is a mixed game in Netmarble, and MOBA and TPS are a mixed game, each of which is one of the heroes with a unique skill, each destroying and occupying the other. You can experience a variety of strategies that are reversed from the battlefield, depending on the unlimited combination of real sympathy and heroes, the infinite combinations of the human being at the three-person viewpoint.

In particular, ‘Overfrime’ was inherited by Epic Games in 2016 ‘Paragon’. As the high quality graphics of the previous work, it is a 3D TPS MOBA game with a 3D TPS MOBA game that focuses on speed and hitting.

The user may choose a lane who is hoping for solo, mid, duo, and jungle, and choose a hero. The hero is prepared by 17 kinds of CBT standards. The hero has each story, skills, and skins. The exterior of the existing Paragon’s heroes was changed to the Over Prime, and the original heroes of Overfirim are also prepared.

The game is basically a 5: 5 team play, and the core on the other party base is first destroyed. The jungle between the lane and lane is important to have an object such as a variety of monsters, tower, shadow pond, jump pad, etc., and strategically utilize it.

The tower is a defensive structure that exists in the line, and attacks the minion (AI NPC) and the relative hero accessing within a certain range. The jump pad plays a role in fast moving to the battlefield, and the shadow pond can be used as a viable place.

Oveprime CBT announcement! #Oveprime #TPS #MOBA #CBT #Rina.8k #shorts
The jungle has a powerful prime guardian that can reverse the buff monster and situation that gives beneficial effects to the friendly. To advantageously lead the battlefield of , ‘Prime Protector’ and ‘Dunk System’ should be used well. When a user parses Prime Protector, it can obtain ‘the aura of a sealed prime’.

If you take this to the enemy’s altar, you will be summoned by the Prime Prime Protector in the center when you succeed in ‘Dunk’. Summoned prime guardians assaulted in the enemy camp, which can take advantage of a defensive turret, a suppressor, and core, which is advantageous for the building.

At the time of the primary CBT, the tutorial on the unique elements of the , such as the dunk system, the presence of the shadow pond, and the reinforcement work has been in progress.

In addition, the user who first-fed the UI / UX was improved and the user who firstoked the oversoup is intuitively understand. We have improved mini-map design to make fast testing, and mini-map automatic movement function, application, etc. The convenience of the game, etc.

In addition, Netmarble has been optimized to allow stable play on the low-end PC to allow more users to experience .

Netmarble proceeds from the Global Game Distribution Platform ‘Steam’ from April 29 to May 29, from April 29 to W29, from April 29th. CBTs are held without limitation, and can be pre-downloaded from steam to 28 days from April 26th.

This game is scheduled to show off the early access to the previous year, and more information on the game can be found on the steam page, official homepage, YouTube, Facebook.

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