Vagundo hyperligero is receiving a sequel with work in a hyperligero player currently running, announced the Heart Machine developer this week. The revelation of this new game coincides with the sixth anniversary of vagundo hyperligero, the elegant and acclaimed game released on several platforms since its debut. Heart Machine is developing the game with Gearbox Publishing on board to publish it, and along with the Revelation, we obtained the first progress of the game and some details about how it will be played compared to the first Hyper Light game.

As those who played the first could have expected, Heart Machine, the study that also created the original, is driving _ switch automatic_ a little different instead of being a 2D game as vagabundo, automatic switch_ will be in 3D and will also admit the experience of a Only player and cooperative through the online game. The game is planned for a Steam launch in the spring of 2023, where it will be available for the first time in advance access.

You can see the trailer below to take a first look at -switch Hyperligero after it was revealed on Thursday.

Those who remember with love the first game will also be delighted to know that together with the original studio in charge, Alx Preston, the creative director who worked in vagabundo has returned for automatic switch_. Preston shared comments on the plans for the new game in a press release while remembering the collective funding trip that brought _vagabundo to life.

“It’s a madness to think that six years have spent since we launched vagundo hyperligero,” said Preston. “The long journey since the dreamed project was launched in 2013 until now it has been incredible. We feel deeply fortunate to be able to celebrate the franchise in this way. Collective financing for the game exceeded our most outflowed expectations, which led millions of players from all over the world to fall in love with _vagundo hyperligero. The fans trusted us at that time to fulfill the vision; We can not wait for our community to experience _ minister lingerie – is a new path and the culmination of everything we have learned during the last eight years of development in Heart Machine ».

Hyper Light Breaker - Reveal Trailer

The steam page for Hyperligero_ __ switch is already active, so be sure to be attentive to him and the social networks that are seen up to keep up.