Money governs the world – even in GTA online. A player has now received a small financial syringe by Rockstar, but without any reason. Really coal Rockstar did not grow over. In fact, the money present is almost ridiculous.

GTA Online: Thanks for the change, Rockstar!

Cars, weapons, companies – life in the gangster metropolis of GTA online is not cheap. Even the monthly money gift from a million dollars is now considered a nice deposit for most objects. But rather money than no money, right?

Recently, Reddit-User DevonMatrix was congratulated by GTA online that he won money. The amount was so curious that he had to post him in the forum, whereupon great laughter broke out.

The amount that Reddit User DevonMatrix has won, amounts to full 705 dollars . In the post office, the amused players expect how far 705 dollars could bring the fan into GTA online. A taxi ride would be in it, if the daily costs would not come in between.

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Even if developer Rockstar is known for his humor, will the payment be due to a bug . Because compared to the millions earning the gangsters in GTA online, 705 dollars are more like a nice tip for the valet parking at the casino.