After Epic Games to start from chapter 3 – season 2 in Fortnite (from 26.91 € buy) completely on the construction mechanics of the Battle-Royale shooter, this variant will now be permanently available as an independent game mode. Thus, the team responds to the positive feedback from the players of the last days, the lastnite last – because of the construction – more always avoided.

Fortnite Zero Build Gameplay Trailer - No Build Battle Royale

In the main menu, “Zero” can now be selected as a stand-alone playlist in the Solo, Duo, Trio and Squad. In standard mode, the tree mechanics will return again. At the same time, Epic Games has released a small update for Fortnite, which, among other things, brings a rocket launcher into the Battle-Royale shooter, with its target recording your vehicles can vote. In addition, two new weapons will appear in the game world at the weekend, which must then have a voting of the community. The winner of the vote remains in the rotation.