In order to bring all eight abilities to the desired level in the endgame, you need even more skill points than the major quests give you. We from Meinmmo describe just how you obtain them.

You start with 252 skill points in the endgame if your level gets to 50 as well as have gotten here in northern Vern. If you distribute the abilities to your eight equipped, are not every one of them on level 10, not to mention on level 12.

What is the choice? To progress your skills to level 50, you ought to set to skill remedies. You can earn in the endgame of Lost Ark by different game content.

Easy to proceed Level? Logically, you can degrees at 60 to get more skill points. This is not the most reliable means due to the fact that the levels will certainly take a lengthy time over 50. On levels 55 and also 60 you can additionally bring the abilities to level 11 and 12, for which the points should have on normal methods are not enough. Levels is not enough until 60.

Exactly how to get your skill poto

The adventurous aluminum foil

If you push n, opens your adventurous foliant. With the primary quests, you fill up concerning 10-20% on every continent and gets a couple of rewards, such as remedies or trading cards. In order to further boost your completion on the continents, you need to make buddies with NPCs, make special bosses and also beasts or accumulate unique things.

When you reach greater percentages, there are various other items to obtain – consisting of skill remedies. A lot you have to complete:

Unas tasks

Collection agencies

When finishing the daily missions, your telephone call status in the location in which you do the task. With each level you can collect one more incentive.

The potion that you get in Punika brings you more skill points than the remedies of the other continents. You need to achieve even more percentages in experience folities, which can simply result in high expenses in Punika, however in general, yet rather faster, as on other continents, as the story itself is shorter.

  • East Luterra 70% – 3 skill points
  • North Vern 60% – 3 skill points
  • Shushire 50% – 3 skill points
  • Rohendel 70% – 3 skill points
  • Punika 80% – 6 skill points

Unas jobs are the day-to-day and also once a week quests. You can learn more in our overview to Unas jobs.

You will get a remedy that donates you 3 skill points if you did that.

Currently there is just one quest on the European servers, which introduces you a skill pot consumed alcohol. You must first end the quest “the brand-new us” on the island of the Flüsterholm. This makes it complimentary the 3 quests that you need to finish a total amount of 30x. They are whispered menuet, murmuring vibration, as well as murmuring harmony.

In Lost Ark there are various challenge gather, which you can then trade with NPCs. For several of them there are skill remedies. We reveal you which you need to complete and also what it asks exactly from you:

  • Titan heart # 4: You unintentionally drop the Feldboss Tarsilla in Shushire. – 3 skill points

How to Get More Skill Points in Lost Ark - Fast & Easy Skill Point Potion Farm + Locations Guide!
* Giant heart # 6: get on the Atlas Island for 33,000 pirate coins. – 3 skill points
* Titan heart # 10: At the 35th level of the tower shadow idea. – 3 skill points
* Titan heart # 12: Through the quest “with light in the heart” on the shadow moon market. – 3 skill points

  • 20 Island Brands Collect – 6 Skillpoints
  • 8 Ignea Brands Collect (for each and every continent on which you have finished the adventure foliation 100%, you get an Ignea brand) – 6 skill points
    If you have actually completed the quests in Punika), * 2 or 6 Omnium Stars Collect (you can first obtain. – 6 points each for both successes, in overall so 12

Incentives for Pursuits

Some staff and side quest likewise introduce you to skill remedies. They bring 3 points each.

The tower is a solo difficulty in Lost Ark. From product stage 302 you can go into the darkness idea, from 802 the tower of destiny. For both variants of the tower, it is worthwhile to go via this with your twink. At the second degree in the very same team, the rewards modification and you can solder them with your Main.

Cader pursuits:

The towers

  • Anikka: Eggs in the skies
  • Shushire: The surprise robber
  • Punika: Infinite love

Side quests:

  • East Luterra: A light over the dark areas
  • Island of harmony: the rock of power
  • Rohendel: The sunset [resurgence] * Rohendel: return trip
  • Feiton: Got hold of the black floor
  • Feiton: The last melody of a Requiem

Abilities Aim Drinks, with which you get 3 points, is here:

In order to bring all eight skills to the wanted level in the endgame, you need more skill points than the main missions give you. Logically, you can degrees at 60 to obtain even more skill points. On levels 55 and also 60 you can additionally bring the skills to level 11 and also 12, for which the points was entitled to on typical methods are not sufficient. ** To advance your abilities to level 50, you ought to set to skill potions. Currently there is just one pursuit on the European web servers, which presents you a skill pot drank.

  • Darkness tip: 20th level (Itemlevel more than 420).
  • Darkness idea: 50th level (Itemlevel greater than 540).
  • Tower of destiny: 20th level (Itemlevel greater than 920).
  • Tower of fate: 50th level (Itemlevel greater than 1040).
    Exactly how lots of skill points do you currently have as well as on which level are you?
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