Who the squired Mario Kart is too happy, that should throw an eye on the following fan project. An incentive fan is currently working on a Bloodborn Kart in retro look.

That’s how Mario Kart looks dark

Why do it always have to be fun racers? How about instead with a “death and spoil” -racer? This has apparently asked Lilith Walther, which is why the developer wants to connect their love for Bloodborne now with the classic Mario-Kart concept.

_Ein first teaser to the fan project can be seen here: _

For the release date, it just means that the game comes, When it’s d1. Probably the developer does not want to make a stress from the outside and sees the game as a pure fun project. Her previous project has also put them completely free of charge for free.

Developer has brought Bloodborne to the PC

Only a few weeks ago, Lilith the Bloodborne community has already done a huge favor that she has missed a remake of the gloomy action roleplay. Although the word “demake” fits better.

In the nostalgic edible Playstation style, it has only published in January 2022 Bloodborne PSX. 13 months sat at the project, which finally brings the gloomy classic to the PC. As already mentioned, this is also playable completely free of charge. (Source: The Verge)

Bloodborne PS1 Demake: Kart Racing Gameplay WIP (April Fools)

_ In our ranking of all Soulsborne games, Bloodborne has almost made it to the first place. But a game can overrumber the fanbleble. Learn here, which is: _