The film saga of transformers , like it more or less, is one of the most profitable in the history of cinema. And is that with its six deliveries to date (and others to come) hBay raised almost 5 billion dollars around the world since 2007. Now, the director Michael Bay , responsible for the first five Franchise films, have admitted that “did not know how to stop in time” and even Steven Spielberg , the mythical film director, recommended that it stop after closing the initial trilogy.

A saga of action a thousand millionaire

This hBay explained the filmmaker in a recent promotional interview of Ambulance , the new movie with Jake Gyllenhaal: “I made too many. Steven Spielberg said, ‘for after the third, and I told him I would stop . The study begged me to make a fourth, and also raised a billion. And then I told them that I would not do more. And they begged again. I should have stopped , but they were fun to rolling. “

Michael Bay Confirms Transformers The Last Knight Will Be His Last Transformers Movie

Of course, Bay admits that at the time of facing the first part he suffered something from vertigo throughout the novel technology that he wBay going to apply to his special effects: “It wBay technology that we did not know if it would work, and then it turned out to be very Successful. It wBay the first time in which the digital effects were so reflective, so they marked a new direction. It wBay a funny experience **. He did more than 700 million, that’s many tickets and many spectators watching her “.

Of course, if you can extract something positive from Michael Bay’s franchise with Transformers, they are spectacular visual effects of it. The next of Transformers in the cinema is the new film Transformers: the awakening of the beBayts , scheduled for 2023 after its lBayt delay. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the animated series Transformers: the war for Cybertron in Netflix.