Domestic game developer 221Games published the Steam store page of Action Shooting “ Punihorider 2 ” on April 5. The compatible platform is PC.

“Punihoroida 2” is a mechaga stormy shooter that “Puno”, a single-headed mystery organism boarding a unique mechanical. The stage of this work is Neo Sahikawa. In Neoa Sahikawa, Puni Hitachi is a big deal of competitions fighting on the mechanical. Players are Punit, collecting friends, earned activities, and we aim at the top of the “Neo Sahikawa League” buying Mechanical Parts.

The mechanism of Puni Havings consists of five parts: torso / left arm / right arm / leg / back equipment. A player combines parts that appear more than 100 points, and aims to be your own strongest mechanical. For example, in the legs, various types of types such as biped walking type and tire drive type, hover type, etc. are prepared. As arm parts, we can choose weapons such as gatling and two swords. You can choose your favorite combat style by the combination of parts. By the way, you can enjoy various fashions that boarding the mechanical.

As the game mode, it is equipped with 1ON1 / 3ON3 mode aiming at the top of Neo Sahikawa League. In addition, there is also a survival mode that can participate in the competition feelings and a byte mode that earn activities funding.

The previous work “Punifera” is sold in Booth from 2019. As an additional element in “Punihoroida 2”, one or more mechanical mechanisms continue to continue, and more than 10 mecrot. In addition, the “back equipment” is implemented that grants various auxiliary functions to the mechanism. Activate effects such as jump / recovery / Aim assist. In addition, “3ON3 mode” to fight with three teams first appeared in this work. The team ‘s complain is likely to be able to battle in a variety of styles by instructing the player.

221Games, which develops this work, is a two-man indie game developer. It is a team consisting of the development of this flood and mechaden, who works on development. As a past work, the “Punihoroida” mentioned above released. Then it seems to send out a sequel to volume up after two years.

“Puni Heroder 2” is scheduled to be released for PC at STeam. Experience version delivery is scheduled for the summer of 2022.

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