Developer company Dev Cat, Knitro-Studio enterprise, which was created by Jiamin Wonder Holdings representative, was released on the 8th. Two companies were independent in Nexon in August 2020 to focus on game development. Nexon and Huin representative have a 50% of the two companies stake.

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Dev Cat Major Importer is the ‘Mabinogi’ IP, Knitos Studio Major Importer is ‘Cart Rider’ IP. The two companies are developing and the game service is the Nexon Korea. For example, Nexon Korea paid some of the revenues obtained as a cartrider service to Knittrostuwi. The revenue rate according to the service agency was not listed in the audit report. Therefore, two company sales do not fully represents the game sales.

Devcat electrolysis is from August 12, 2020 to December 31. Nitrose Studio Electricity is from August 26, 2020 to December 31, from December 31. The two companies are reflected in 2020, and 2021 and performance comparisons are limited. As of the end of 2021, DevCat employees are 195, and NitroSu Engineers’ employees are 177. Devcat is Kim Dong-gun, and Knitos Studio lead to Park Hoon’s representative.

In 2021 Devcat sales is 20.8 billion won, up 294% from electricity. Operating profit has increased by 208 billion won due to loss of electricity contrast. In the same year, KnitroS Studio sales increased by 537% QoQ to W6bn. Operating profit is less than 12.6 billion won due to loss of electricity contrast.

Both companies have been damaged, but it is difficult to develop a key game, and it is difficult to see if Nexon Korea considers the point in which Nexon Korea is a support. It is a kind of investment period.

In fact, both companies have increased salaries and competent research and development costs. DevCat is W16.8bn, which has increased by 313.5% YoY in the past year. Gyeongsang R & D is W18.1bn, which is 344%. The same period is 144.9 billion won, which has increased by 336.4% compared to the electricity. Gyeongsang R & D is 12.6 billion won, which has increased by 415%.

Regardless of sales, R & W. Development fee is 87% Devcat, 210% of Knitos Studio. Considering that it is a professional developer, it is high.

Devcat is “Mabinogi Mobile”, Knitos Studio is developing a ‘cartrider: drift’. Nexon aims to launch ‘Mabinogi Mobile’ this year. ‘Cart Rider: Drift’ is a PC-console cross play.

At the time of the establishment of two companies, the Nexon Korea Lee Jung-don said, “Mabinogi Mobile ‘and’ Cartrider: Drift ‘will be developed as a game recognized in the global market.” Wonder Holdings Huomin’s representative “saw a high possibility of new works developed by Nexon,” he said, “I am glad to get a good opportunity to lead the project. I will do my best. “